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Welcome to the New Innovative Miller Heiman Group

where we take the business of sales and service seriously

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

There is a good chance you already know the Miller Heiman name as one of the most well-known and respected brands in the sales and service training industry. But what you may not know is how we have reinvented ourselves and now we have set out to reinvent the industry.

Sure we have a proud legacy—built on a combination of the most experienced people in the business and the most trusted solutions in the market, built on historic brands such as Miller Heiman, Huthwaite, AchieveGlobal, ILS and solutions like SPIN® Selling Conversations, Strategic Selling®, Professional Selling Skills®, Large Account Management ProcessSM and Conceptual Selling®. But innovation rules business today and as you spend time with us you will see not an old Miller Heiman but a bold, powerful and innovative NEW Miller Heiman Group. With new solutions that only we have, technology that only we can deliver and innovation in not only how we think; but how we can help you rethink selling and servicing customers.

So, welcome to the new Miller Heiman Group. Search our site or click here to talk with one of our consultants about what we can do for you.

Selling more and servicing better should be a business initiative not a training exercise.

You know as well as anyone that B2B selling is not like it used to be. More hoops to jump through, more buyers in the process and customers who expect even more from their partners. Now more than ever, preparation and a consistent approach is required to make the sale and build a long-term relationship to reach the customer in a way that inspires them to buy from you, and buy from you for a long time.

For this very reason we started to rethink our business just like you’ve rethought yours. So instead of just having the best training on the market for sellers and service teams, we’ve expanded our training offerings and developed new solutions, we’re calling it the Be Ready solutions, and it is arguably the most comprehensive solution set on the market. Because we want your people to be ready to sell more and service better. And that’s more than just training—that’s a business initiative.

Take a look at our new video spots and get a glimpse at why people love to sell.

We love what we do, so we asked our customers and friends who are sellers why they love what they do. The answer came in many forms. So we took some of those answers and crafted some short videos that give a glimpse into the heart of sellers today.

Reward comes from doing things right for customers over and over and over again.

And why we’ve chosen some of our best customers and showcased their stories below. We’re certain you’ll find them insightful and powerful.

“These key accounts were closed by someone that knew these sales opportunities – which ranged in size from $20,000 a month to over $200,000 a month – were complicated. Strategic SellingTM Blue Sheets zeroed in on working as a team to coordinate the sales cycle. It had a very direct result.”

—Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, Waste Connections, Inc.


“We’ve gotten really good at running our business at all the different selling positions. We can now have very smart conversations about where they are at, what things do they need to do to get to the next level, what obstacles are in front of them and how can we remove them. That’s made a big difference.”

—Jamie LaJoie, VP of Sales, PR Newswire Americas

“The results have certainly exceeded our expectations and that’s based on the support we received from Miller Heiman Group. At every point along the way, if we needed additional help or expertise, it was made available to us and that contributed to our success.”

—David Jarvis, Global Leader, Learning & Development, GE Water & Process Technologies