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Sometimes Sales Teams are so focused on the now, it is easy to forget about the importance of planning for the future, as well as still focusing on reaching those all-important sales targets.

Hear from Seleste Lunsford (Managing Director of CSO Insights) and Priya Sachdev (Sales Director of Miller Heiman Group) to learn about Sales Leader’s Top Four Priorities in 2019:

  • Improve Lead Generation – who is responsible for Lead Generation? Where do your leads come from?
  • Capture New Accounts – how effective is your business at closing new business with customers? What percentage of your sales come from new logos?
  • Expand Business in Existing Accounts – if the remaining percentage of business (after new logos) then come from existing business, so what does this look like, and how do you manage this?
  • Increase Win Rates – whether you are getting new opportunities within new logos OR existing accounts, the important question being, do you actually win the business? There will be insightful discussions on these four priorities, as well as tips and processes on how to improve on these. All of these topics are driven and backed by CSO Insights research and studies by real organisations