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Take your sales training to the next level.

Miller Heiman Group’s Advanced Selling courses feature globally recognised sales training like Strategic Selling® with Perspective and SPIN® Selling Conversations. From conducting strategic account analyses to encouraging customer actions, Advanced Selling helps sellers better serve buyers in constantly changing, complex business environments.

Featuring immersive, high-energy coursework designed to build and refine high-performing sales teams, Advanced Selling sales training from Miller Heiman Group takes your organisation’s selling prowess to the next level.

The Next Phase of Your Sales Training Starts Here

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Benefits of Advanced Selling Sales Training


Future Proofing

We're always thinking one step ahead. Our sales training programs reflect the latest industry trends and changes in today's evolving sales landscape.


Expert Delivery

Led by seasoned sales leaders, Miller Heiman Group’s advanced sales courses focus on applied, real-world learning.


Improved Sales Performance

From shortening sales cycles to increasing deal size, Advanced Selling expands sellers' abilities -- from front-line reps to senior sales leaders.


Global Recognition

Join sales and service organisations around the world who trust Miller Heiman Group to improve sales strategies and train sellers on advanced skills.

The Next Phase of Your Sales Training Starts Here