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Great defining moments drive great customer loyalty.

Exceptional customer experiences are the lifeblood of successful organisations. Addressing and improving customer satisfaction scores (CSat) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) is critical to developing, retaining and nurturing customers. Poor customer service costs brands billions of dollars a year in lost business, and there is an ever-growing disparity between how well organisations feel their customer service functions are performing and actual customer sentiments.

Miller Heiman Group knows customer service involves every department in an organisation. We understand that customer experiences boil down to the multiple touch points your buyers interact with every day. From technical and diagnostic trouble-shooting to coaching sellers on customer service best practices, we help sales and service organisations to create an unforgettable customer experience that delivers lasting results.

Give Your Customers the Experiences They Won't Forget

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Benefits of Customer Experience Strategies


Build Lasting Customer Service Strategies

Our approach to customer service helps you build and implement long-term strategies to keep customers coming back.


Enhance Service Behaviours

Train your customer-facing teams on the specific behaviors and skills needed to ensure exceptional customer experiences.


Define the Roadmap

We help you develop and deploy customer experience strategies in ways that are easily retained - and executed - by your teams.


Improve Customer Relationships

Formal and robust customer service strategies lead to stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships - and greater customer retention.

Give Your Customers the Experiences They Won't Forget