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Turn suspects into prospects, and prospects into clients.

Before sellers can move the needle in client meetings, they have to secure time with prospects. Buyer Focused Prospecting™ empowers sales reps who find sales prospecting to be an intrusive or intimidating process. From seasoned professionals to industry newbies, our sales training will improve your entire sales team’s ability to secure time with potential buyers.

Designed for sellers who want to more effectively communicate with prospects through targeted messaging and communications, Buyer Focused Prospecting™ offers a hands-on approach that simulates real-world sales scenarios by addressing who to call, what to say and how to say it.

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Benefits of Buyer Focused Prospecting™ Sales Training


Target Your Prospect List

Develop and refine your list of prospects to identify the potential customers most likely to find value in your solution.


Gain Access to Decision Makers

Establish relationships with company gatekeepers to gain access to key decision makers.


Hone Your Messaging

Plan and deliver thoughtful, persuasive messaging that generates interest by addressing buyer concerns and pain points.


Keep Prospects Engaged

Navigate cold calls and communicate with corporate decision makers to keep them interested.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

Your Prospects Are Waiting

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Sales Training in New Zealand and Australia

We're the leading ANZ sales training and consulting company. We work with organisations in Australia and New Zealand to transform the sales and service capability of sales organisations through research, training, consulting and technology. We operate throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In New Zealand, sales training class and services are provided in all major New Zealand cities, including Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton, Nelson, Rotorua and Whangarei, among others.

What You'll Learn in This B2B Sales Training Course

This B2B sales training course teaches practical methods for selecting the right targets and for planning and executing effective prospecting outreach.

It combines a conceptual framework for understanding the principles of successful prospecting with step-by-step instructions for targeting prospects, planning outreach, and building messages that get results. Our sales training experts have designed this course for B2B sales organisations that want their sales teams to:

  • Build sales prospecting plans that advance the sale
  • Begin to create client value even before the sales cycle begins
  • Increase the number of qualified appointments in new and existing accounts
  • Shorten the sales cycle by improving the content of prospecting messages
  • Convert interest into conversations that uncover real needs

Learn How to Earn the Attention of Your Top Sales Prospects

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B2B Sales Training to Improve Prospecting Capabilities

The most successful sales professionals in Australia and New Zealand understand the importance of prospecting, and prospecting processes and systems are a critically important part of every well-crafted B2B sales strategy.

To achieve organisational revenue targets, sales prospecting must be a top priority. Indeed, many companies that are highly skilled at closing business will often miss their numbers because they've underinvested in B2B sales training that covers sales prospecting best practises and skill development. Without a continual flow of initial sales meetings, sales demonstrations and closing calls, your sales pipeline becomes unbalanced. This is even trickier for enterprise selling roles, which brings even more complexity into the buyer/seller journey. Improving B2B sales prospecting with your team is essential in building teams that win more.

If you understand that continued sales prospecting is vital to a sales professional's success, the foundation of B2B sales training and the success of the whole sales organisation, this is the right B2B sales training programme for you.

Master the Art of Sales Prospect Needs Assessment

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Three Criteria for Assessing Whether a Prospect Might Meet With You

The key to smart sales prospecting is having a valid business reason for every sales call, whether in person or on the phone.

This is a considerate way of doing business and takes some training on sales prospecting to master. Identifying your valid business reason tells buyers that you value their time and have given some thought to their current challenges. It also conveys that you're looking for solutions that are useful to them and you're well-versed in enterprise selling.

Accordingly, before you try to call someone or meet with them in person, you must ask yourself one question: "What is the reason this person should be speaking or meeting with me?"

Here are three attributes of a legitimate reason to speak with a prospect or customer:

  1. It's Valid: It's all about the customer. Valid to customers means it's worth making time to hear about how you can help solve a problem that keeps them up at night.
  2. It's Business: Research shows that many sales calls are too general and unfocused to be useful to buyers or sellers. Do your homework and manage your selling time. Understand their business. What are their challenges? What are they trying to fix, accomplish or avoid?
  3. It's a Good Reason: Not your reason--the customer's reason. Be prepared to explain why taking time out of a busy schedule for you rather than spending it on other priorities will benefit your prospect in the long run. Tell the customer what you'd like to meet about and why you think this could be of value.

To make sure your sales calls will be received well, always assess your reason for having a sales meeting against these three criteria. Effectively managing your customer's expectations and establishing your sales capability will improve the likelihood that your customer will find value in your initial meeting. These factors also help to lay the foundation of your opportunity strategy and customer engagement from the very beginning of your relationship.

This B2B sales training course on customer prospecting will teach you many valuable sales prospecting tactics, tools and techniques. This fundamental sales training course is designed to be useful to new sales reps who are learning how to get B2B sales experience and experienced reps who are already skilled in enterprise selling but want to elevate this important sales capability to an even higher level.

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Tips for Finding the Ideal Sales Prospect

Defining your Ideal Customer Profile is a highly effective tactic that helps you in identifying your best prospects and separating them from the ones that are not worth chasing after.

Ideal clients may possess such characteristics as:

  • Willing to pay for "value added"
  • Committed to high quality
  • Good proximity to my support centre
  • Size of end-user group

Unfavourable clients may possess such characteristics as:

  • Inflexible on price
  • Slow to make buying decisions
  • Secretive and unwilling to cooperate
  • Outside my industry expertise

Defining your ideal customer allows you to focus your time, energy and resources (both your own and those of your company) on the right sales opportunities. The hallmark of world class B2B sales training is to improve relationships and arm your sellers with the skills they need to win more.

This all starts at the prospecting stage, laying the groundwork and establishing a value-based relationship at the first interaction.

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Ready to Get Started on the Path to Better Sales Prospecting?

There are many types of sales training programmes available to you.

Effective sales management and effective selling at the rep level must start with prospecting training that focuses in on the buyer's needs and the buyer journey.

Placing the customer at the centre of every interaction is a key skill that starts with foundational B2B sales training, while also focusing on building a seller's sales capability over time. Once a seller can demonstrate the fundamental skill of sales prospecting, then they can begin to expand on their sales capabilities and get more B2B sales experience.

Advanced B2B sellers focused on enterprise selling can certainly benefit from further B2B sales training on sales prospecting, as even at the enterprise level, sellers must continually reinforce skills in sales prospecting.

Often, sellers will move into enterprise selling roles and think they no longer have to rely on their own prospecting capabilities, rather believing that meetings and relationships begin with a development rep or the marketing team. However, effective sales management reinforces the need for prospecting at this level, often building their B2B sales strategy around training on sales prospecting.