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4 Tips Every Sales Enablement Leader Should Follow

World-class sales organizations every day see the value of a strong enablement program. Organizations with a formalized sales process and coaching methodology significantly outperform their competitors.

Consider these statistics. World-class organizations:

  • Meet their sales quotas more often than other organizations (64 percent compared to 53 percent).
  • Retain their sellers longer. They have nearly half the turnover among their sales team (12 percent to 21 percent) of others.
  • Close forecasted deals more frequently. World-class organizations win 51 percent of these deals, compared to 39 percent of others.

Why wouldn’t sales leaders insist on implementing a robust sales enablement function? So, as we wrap up the 13 “Must Knows” for sales leaders, the final one is a simple reminder: Enable sales. Then enable them some more.

Equip your team with the tools and resources that make their lives easier and more productive. Any tool that improves the ability to sell and doesn’t get in the way of productivity is worth its weight in gold. Find out what those tools are for your sales function, and then invest in them. It’s that simple.

Here are four key areas in which sales leaders can help their teams through enablement:

  1. Provide tools that are integral to key activities within the sales process, such as playbooks, proposal templates, pitch documents and best practices resources.
  2. Identify partners that offer best-in-class content management tools for just-in-time delivery of marketing and proposal support materials.
  3. Use technologies that parallel solutions to client expectations and buying styles.
  4. Encourage the use of technologies, such as CRM application overlays, that facilitate transitions from need to solution to scope to pricing to proposal to contract.

There you have it: 13 “Must Knows” that, if followed, will help sales leaders get the most out of their teams, drive revenue and have a positive impact on the business.

To learn more, download our latest white paper on the “13 Must Knows” for sales leaders.