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You Should Never Stop Learning

If you’re like me, when you graduated from school you probably thought your days of classroom learning were over.

But when you think about it, school was only the beginning of our learning process. If you are successful at anything in life, you are likely learning more every day and constantly refining your craft.

The best learning combines classroom time with digital and integrated options, and includes a reinforcement aspect to ensure what is learned by sales and service professionals stays with them.

Is classroom learning still relevant for modern learners? Of course it is, especially when it is led by real-life sales and service leaders, not just trainers with limited experience in your shoes. Learning is more robust when the instructors have real-life experience they pass on to students and when it includes collaboration and skills practice.

Sales and service professionals who take instructor-led training should also walk away with real, executable plans for all their major deals in play. It’s all about taking real-world situations and working through the methods and skills required to close that next deal or provide superior customer service.   Practicing the skills in real-work scenarios ensures you will retain the knowledge and understand how to apply it to your own individual situation.

All training should blend proven IP with customized delivery services. This allows you to provide knowledge to your sales and service professionals when and where they need it most.

If your instructor-led training isn’t led by actual sales leaders, doesn’t contain collaboration and face-to-face opportunities to learn from peers, or doesn’t provide a plan to help you close the deals you’re working on, it’s time to revamp your approach to training.

Learn more about Miller Heiman Group’s Learner Ready Solutions. To learn more about how you can meet the challenges facing the modern learner, listen to the replay of the webinar, The Sales and Service Training Shift: Technology’s impact on Effective Learning Methods.