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Social Selling is so yesterday. Can you catch up?

BOOM. Digital transformation is about to bypass all of us if we don’t embrace change.

A little more than a decade ago, the world changed forever. It was caused by the birth of Twitter and Facebook and their availability to the public.

Right before our eyes, the media power transferred from a few controlled outlets (old media) to everyone. Individuals could now share their thoughts on the open web in real time and connect with like-minded people. We’ve seen the power of bypassing traditional media in the last three Presidential elections in the United States.

People empowered communication. But what does it mean for sales leaders? How can we use it to meet or exceed sales quotas this year?

Nearly everyone is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other modern networks. Social Networks have empowered us to choose the information we consume, enabling us to move faster than ever. Social Networks have empowered us to connect and network with our peers and thought leaders, bypassing traditional sales channels. The modern buyer is more powerful than ever and is more informed than ever. Sellers have to change.

How will you get your salespeople to build relationships with modern buyers and decision makers? How will you empower your salespeople to be credible and trusted in this modern age when no one picks up the phone, answers email or shows up to conferences?

We know from CSO Insights research that world class performer are two years ahead of average performers. They’ve enabled their sellers with the FOUR Pillars of Social Selling.

In the next few weeks, I will share with you what all modern sellers need to understand when it comes to social selling. We will discuss:

  1. Building a personal brand.
  2. Finding and being found by the right people.
  3. Engaging with prospects and customers through social networks.
  4. Building rapport.

In the meantime, find me on Twitter and LinkedIn if you want fresh information about digital transformation and social selling.