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Learn How Your Sales Teams Can Thrive

Most sales organizations today struggle like never before. Their teams are not consistently hitting their numbers, they have a weak funnel and, when they do have a customer interested in buying, they have a hard time closing the deal.

Here’s what I mean: According to data from CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, the number of sales professionals meeting or exceeding quota has fallen 10 percentage points in the last five years. Today, the number of sales people who hit their number is at 53 percent, the lowest in nearly a decade.

Here’s the scary part: quotas keep going up and there’s no sign this trend will stop any time soon.

And we all know what happens when sales reps don’t meet quota: the company misses their revenue targets, the value of the business drops and people lose their jobs.

Given this business climate, can you afford to keep doing what you’ve been doing? If you do, the outlook is bleak: you’ll only fail faster.

Sales organizations need to fix the way their salesforce conducts business. It’s that simple.

But help is available to ensure you reverse these negative trends in the marketplace. There are four essential things you can do right now to fix your sales organization before it’s too late. Make sure you check out the latest webinar from Miller Heiman Group, From Surviving to Thriving: The Future Four Focus Areas for Sales.

You owe it to your sales organization to attend. Your future sales success could depend on it.