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Four Interactive Events, One Goal

Helping you sell more and service better—that’s what we do. And it’s why the Elevate Your Game: 2017 Sales and Service Summit Series offers expertise, insights and data around how to elevate your game—and win more. Join us at one of four global events—each featuring cutting-edge, interactive sessions that reflect the New Innovative Miller Heiman Group.

Elevate North America Nashville 2017


With 92% of organizations raising revenue goals, elevating your game has never been more important. We all want to get better and perform at a higher level. So we’ve studied countless world-class organizations to understand how they do it. And we’ve brought together some of the world’s most renowned sales experts to share what they know.

It’s all happening at this year’s Elevate Your Game: 2017 Sales and Service Summit Series. Learn about the power of technology to sell more and service better. Get exclusive data to find, win and keep more business. Join us to discuss the traits behind finding top sales talent. Explore what social selling can do for your organization. Find out how you can truly leverage sales enablement to make a difference. And discuss, share and learn how to solve the most pressing ‘how-to’ questions for sales organizations.

We know your time is valuable so content is interactive, actionable and packed full of information you can take with you. You’ll learn by doing—not just by attending.

Join the New Innovative Miller Heiman Group and learn How to Elevate Your Game in 2017.


Join us to learn and interact with industry experts and top sales executives as they share best practices and lessons learned around how to Elevate Your Game, based on world-class sales organizations and years of industry experience. Discover how you can:

  • Use technology to sell more and service better
  • Leverage data that helps you find more, win more and keep more business—featuring exclusive content from CSO Insights
  • Interact in how-to roundtables with industry experts
  • Identify talent traits that win
  • Understand and incorporate social selling in your company
  • Make the pain worth the gain in sales enablement


The Elevate Your Game: 2017 Sales and Service Summit Series is the ideal way to learn from and network with sales industry leaders, service excellence winners, and senior executives from talent, training, L&D and organizational performance. We invite anyone who would benefit from this knowledge to increase business, drive new strategies and bring value to their organizations through sales and service.