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Your Investment (2 Days) – $1,950

Maximize Your Sales Team’s Potential

Develop better coaches to develop better sales teams. Professional Sales Coaching™ gives sales managers the skills and framework they need to coach sales teams to success, helping them develop mutually beneficial, long-lasting customer relationships. Sales managers and coaches learn how to use collaborative techniques to hold coaching conversations, and develop a culture that supports high-performing sales teams.

Professional Sales Coaching™ focuses on building a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a successful sales coach, including:

– Why coaching is important?
– What issues require coaching?
– How sales managers should conduct coaching conversations?
– When coaching should happen?

This program enables sales managers to implement coaching processes that promote confidence and success within their sales teams.

Professional Sales Coaching™ can help you:

  • Build a Motivated Sales Team: Our framework provides support for sales managers to coach sales teams who are motivated and challenged to reach peak performance levels.
  • Improve Seller Performance: Sales leaders will work with sellers to meet and exceed quota, improving year-over-year performance.
  • Reduce Employee Turnover: By providing salespeople with direction, support and professional development, sales leaders will help reduce organizational turnover.
  • Increase Coaching Confidence: Coaches will practice and deploy skills to handle difficult conversations, increasing both confidence and competence.

*Course fees are subject to change without notice.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch are included each day. Continental breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m.