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This programme focuses on initiating contact with prospects or new contacts within a client organisation. It is a process used to hypothesize challenges prospects may have and develop meaningful statements that address those challenges. By formulating this type of contact strategy, salespeople will immediately differentiate themselves from others who are fighting for time with decision makers and influencers. It also improves the likelihood of getting meetings scheduled and calls returned.

Securing Strategic Appointments helps bolster confidence for sales professionals as they learn to quickly identify and leverage their prospect’s most critical business challenges to secure high-quality appointments. Salespeople will be partnered with a Miller Heiman Group expert to implement this process into current prospecting activities to generate valuable leads and move sales opportunities through the sales funnel.

Securing Strategic Appointments℠ may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Increase contact rates and ratio of quality appointments.
  • Message consistently to key contacts to move sales opportunities forward.
  • Improve prospecting effectiveness and business development efforts to fill the sales funnel.
  • Increase professional confidence and comfort when targeting new prospects.
  • Decrease wasted time in preliminary sales conversations.