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Your Investment (3 Days) – $3,005

Prepare for Client-Focused, Results-Oriented Customer Meetings

Because sales success requires both a sales process and a plan for customer interactions, the combined delivery of Strategic Selling® with Perspective and Conceptual Selling® offers a simple, repeatable structure to gain a competitive edge in your interactions with customers. Miller Heiman Group will prepare you to have successful meetings, whether planned or impromptu.

Conceptual Selling® focuses on customer-centric conversations, building on the strategic analysis covered in Strategic Selling® with Perspective. As a result, you’ll learn how to carefully assess buyer needs, avoiding misalignment between what customers want and what you are presenting.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective can help you:

  • Simplify the Complex Sale: Breaking down complex sales into understandable components, Strategic Selling® with Perspective provides a roadmap to quickly win more deals.
  • Develop a Consistent and Repeatable Sales Approach: Sales teams learn to speak the same language and follow the same process across your organization, resulting in a consistent, repeatable and scalable approach.
  • Incorporate Technology: Our new sales analytics platform, Scout by Miller Heiman Group uses data and analytics to support the methodology of Strategic Selling® with Perspective.
  • Use Our Iconic Blue Sheets: Our classic Blue Sheet, now updated to include Perspective, helps sellers identify their position with customers, determining the next action they should take.
  • Add Value to Customer Relationships: Engage earlier and more often in the buying process by providing Perspective to add value into the sales process.
  • Identify Winning Opportunities: Accurately judge deal strength to focus investment of time and resources.

Conceptual Selling® with Perspective can help you:

  • Get Meetings that Buyers Want to Attend: Create compelling reasons to meet based on insights and expertise your customer will find intriguing..
  • Prepare for Sales Conversations: Plan ahead and conduct thorough research, adding discipline to customer meetings and ensuring they are client-focused, results-oriented and promote win-win outcomes..
  • Align Buyer and Seller Objectives: Anytime a salesperson meets with a customer there are two processes happening simultaneously. While salespeople have typically been trained to focus on the selling process, from the customer’s point of view there is a more important process to be recognized and understood, the buying process. For a win-win outcome, they must be aligned..
  • Provide Perspective: Leverage your insights and expertise to help customers expand their understanding of one or more business issues they care about..
  • Differentiate Your Solution: Avoid decisions driven solely on price by identifying differentiation linked to what the buyer wants to accomplish, fix, or avoid that sets you apart from the competition..
  • Ensure Productive Use of Time: Move opportunities forward by asking the right questions and planning ahead to ensure productive use of time..
  • Incorporate Technology: Our new sales analytics platform, Scout by Miller Heiman Group uses data and analytics to support the methodology of Conceptual Selling® with Perspective.

*Course fees are subject to change without notice.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch are included each day. Continental breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m.