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Strategic Selling® Funnel Management helps sales leaders, managers and mentors remain close to potential sales opportunities as they advance through each funnel stage and share best practices for improving identification of the specific actions needed to move them forward. During this session the organisation will develop a customised sales funnel to improve adoption of the tool and increase forecasting accuracy. A Miller Heiman Group expert will detail proper documentation for tracking both the selling organisation’s sales process and the customer’s buying process.

The goal is to deliver an enhanced understanding and application of the sales funnel from Strategic Selling® to better prioritize the opportunities competing for limited resources and increase close ratios by targeting those that represent the best return on investment.

Strategic Selling® Funnel Management may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Implement consistent adoption of a sales funnel process.
  • Eliminate wasted energy in the sales cycle.
  • Raise confidence in advancing opportunities to a close.
  • Reinforce selling behaviours and activities that move sales forward.
  • Increase forecast accuracy.
  • Improve predictability.