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Strategic Selling® with Perspective helps organizations develop comprehensive strategies to win complex sales opportunities. Through the strategic analysis of a sales goal, sellers are able to identify key decision makers faster and engage with them more often, evaluate their competitive position, and differentiate their solution.
Emphasizing the need to add value early in the sales cycle by understanding the customer’s business and objectives in a deeper way, Strategic Selling weaves Perspective into this repeatable, scalable, and consistent framework. Participants will develop their sales strategy, as they move step-by-step through the methodology to identify, organize, and test the information critical to a deal’s success.

Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions helps salespeople better prepare for their time with customers. The result is purposeful meetings and win win outcomes.
To maintain a highly-competitive sales force, every interaction with customers must be conducted to either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship. This program enhances how salespeople execute in all of their interactions with customers, whether a scheduled multi-attendee meeting or an impromptu one-to-one. Anytime a salesperson meets with a customer, there are two processes happening simultaneously. While salespeople have typically been trained to focus on the selling process, from the customer’s perspective there is also a buying process that must be recognized and understood. Solving the misalignment between these two processes is an outcome of Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions.