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Your Investment: (2 Days) – $3,100
The expansion of Miller Heiman Group’s Strategic Selling® reinforces best practice and brings Perspective to the forefront of the time-tested proven methodology. This Transition Certification for current Strategic Selling® Facilitators will certify you to facilitate Strategic Selling® with Perspective (2 day ILT) and The Perspective Workshop (1 day ILT for Strategic Selling Alumni as a bridge).

What has changed?

  1. Updated Core Methodology: Providing Perspective to your Customers
  2. Refreshed Blue Sheet: Updating the Iconic Sales Tool
  3. Online Micro-Learning Upgrade: Re-Energize and Increase Adoption
  4. Innovative Sales Technology: Introducing Scout by Miller Heiman Group

Updated Methodology

Building on the solid foundation of Strategic Selling, the new program is strengthened with the concept of Perspective, a new Opportunity Scorecard, evidence-based Rating definitions, and increased emphasis and clarity on Win-Results. More than a refresh, the new power of Strategic Selling with Perspective will reinforce key concepts with your sellers while expanding their ability to earn engagement from top decision makers with the emphasis on insight-driven and value-added selling.

Transition Certification Process

By attending this 2 day event, you will experience highlights of what has changed with the Instructor-Led Program, receive all new facilitation materials and do practice facilitations to satisfy check-out requirements. At the conclusions of the course your Master Trainer will notify you of either your Certification or Conditional Certification.
*Course fees are subject to change without notice.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch are included each day. Continental breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m.