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Revenue Tour

The 2017 Miller Heiman Group Revenue Tour Series has concluded. Please check back soon for our new event series that will launch soon.

Come see the future of sales and service at the 2017 Revenue Tour

In the future, sales and service will look drastically different than they do today—if sales and service are your livelihood, you can’t afford to not understand the opportunity and outlook that exist within our industry. Arm yourself with exclusive insights through three lenses—Training, Technology and Talent. Discover how your training approach must shift, examine the new type of talent needed to make your organization successful, and explore the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, which enable your organization to innovate for the future.

Each tour event is designed to share the latest insights on empowering sales and service leaders and professionals to continue driving revenue for the short-term and long-term. Featuring exclusive content from CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, our new tour focuses on preparing you for the future—so you can invest in the areas that will accelerate revenue even in a changing market. Whether you’re seeking to dial up your talent, drill down on technology or dig into individualized training—or any combination in between—you’ll walk away with insight on using these three areas to drive top-line revenue, make your organization successful for the long-term and ensure the future is in your hands.

Get three critical takeaways into the future of sales and service.

The impact on training

In the future, almost all behavioral data will be captured in cloud solutions. This will lead to data-driven identification of training needs and offer guidance into targeted coaching based on data insights. Learn the importance of understanding critical behavioral insight at the ‘deal level’ so you can identify specific individual training that supports your revenue targets and drives quota attainment. Discover how your training approach must shift for the future so you can deliver personalized content that is flexible and meets the needs of your team, your company and your culture.

The impact on technology

Technology will continue to play an increasing role in selling more and servicing better for the future. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fundamentally changing what sales and service people do—and how they do it. Join us to learn about the evolution of technology and digital transformation for sales and service organizations, and learn how AI is poised to serve multiple roles in advancing the profession. Walk away with the knowledge of how to create a cutting-edge technology experience that impacts your performance and your revenue over the next decade.

The impact on talent

The future of sales and service demands a different type of talent with new critical skills and knowledge. Which means you must understand talent traits that predict future success. Great talent involves the combination of nature—what individuals are born to do—multiplied by nurture—what individuals learn to do through their experiences, knowledge and applied skills. Learn how to identify the right talent through personalized skills and proficiency assessments. And discover how you can find and develop top talent through hiring and selection, training, and performance management to drive the future of your sales and service organization.

Who Should Attend

The 2017 Revenue Tour is ideal for sales and service professionals who want key insight on how to prepare for the future. From sales and service executives, leaders and managers to sales operations, sales enablement functions and individual roles in training, including L&D, talent and organizational performance, each attendee will walk away with the knowledge of how to get ready for the future and drive success over the long-term through sales and service.