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If You Like Revenue, You’ll Love Our 2017 Revenue Tour

Touring eight major cities—every event in every town is designed to help your organization drive revenue.  Making you money is our passion and our purpose, and we’re pretty sure that parallels with yours.

Designed for both sales leaders and sales enablement, these sessions package up our research, insights and expertise into four critical insights to driving sales performance. If you’re under pressure to drive revenue, or, just like having more of it—join us in a city near you.

Many tour cities. Four revenue-changing insights.

Revenue Tour Pearl River

Learn the four critical insights—the data and expertise that shape them—and the competitive advantage they provide.

The critical role of sales enablement

Every organization views sales enablement as a major drive to increasing sales results and productivity, yet only 31 percent of companies actually reach, or come close to reaching, expectations around these efforts. Join us and learn how to use content, training and coaching to establish a key cornerstone of success; the best way to tailor information to the customer’s journey; and how to leverage technology to provide sales teams with on-demand access to critical information whenever they need it.

The evolution of sales transformation

Over fifty percent of sales leaders want to invest in organizational change—and evolve the sales model, yet many organizations miss the mark.  We’ll take you through nine common points of failure in these efforts and teach you how to overcome, or avoid, them. Join us and learn five common pitfalls including culture, resources, budgets and going it alone; how to overcome, or avoid, pitfalls in your transformation efforts; and best practices for a successful sales transformation.

Measuring talent and predicting performance

Understanding the traits of your top performing sales talent is key to driving revenue—in fact, we’ve found those who encompass these traits generate double the revenue of those who don’t. Now think—if you could replicate those traits across your entire sales organization—it could just be your best competitive advantage.  Join us and learn how to identify potential star players; methods for replicating top talent across your sales organization; and how to use talent as your competitive advantage.

Executive level selling

Analyze the decision-making habits of the three most promising executive leadership styles that represent 80% of all executives. Join us and learn the most prominent decision-making styles of executives and how to identify them; how to assess and tailor presentations to each decision-making style; and skills to use the right dialog to gain a trusted partnership with executives.

Every second will be worth your time.

We know smarter business leads to smart revenue, and we wouldn’t ask for your time for any less.

5:30 – 6:00: Cocktails, Appetizers and Networking
6:00 – 6:45: Presentation & Discussion: 4 Revenue-Changing Insights to Drive Sales
6:45 – 7:00: Networking & Close

Details you should know

We’ve taken care of a few things, including parking, and all we ask for in return is a $50 registration fee. We know it’s an investment you won’t regret.

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