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Talent is an essential part of your sales business.

From senior leadership to frontline sales, talent is a critical component of sales success. Sales leaders must excel at recruiting new talent while helping existing teams to live up to their potential. You need a formal, data-driven sales talent strategy for hiring, development, coaching, performance management and engagement.

Miller Heiman Group’s suite of sales talent assessment tools help you to collect data on sellers’ capabilities and potential. The Talent Capabilities Quotient (Talent CQ) helps to identify and measure seller traits that directly correlate with successful performance. Once you’ve identified innate seller characteristics using Talent CQ, you can leverage SkillMap Capabilities Quotient (SMCQ) to define and prioritise the skills critical for sales success.

Our assessment solutions quantify the talents of your team, your leadership and your prospective candidates, enabling you to build and execute a holistic talent strategy.

Put the Right People in the Right Roles – and Maximise Their Potential

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Benefits of Sales Talent Strategy & Assessment


Maximise Potential

Maximise employee potential by focusing on specific skills and inherent attributes that lead to success.


Inform Coaching & Development

Leverage talent assessment results to better inform coaching conversations and training investments.


Assess Potential Hires

Predictive assessment tools allow you to screen and select job candidates based on the skills they display and those you can develop and refine.


Identify Top Performers

Learn who your top performers are and what they do consistently, leveraging those talents and behaviours across your organisation.

Put the Right People in the Right Roles – and Maximise Their Potential

India Sales Consultants with Global Perspective

With over 40 years of experience in sales training and sales consulting services, we are the ideal partner for your India-based organisation. Based in Mumbai, we serve clients in nearly all other major cities in India, including Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Lucknow.

Miller Heiman Group's Approach to Sales Talent Assessment and Sales Team Management

Buyer expectations have changed, and modern organisations that align their salespeople to meet those needs find that they're more effective at selling than those that do not.

To build a sales organisation focused on effective selling, you must use a combination of sales assessment tools, including sales talent assessments, sales skills assessments and tools for assessing employee potential to build a team that's set up for success.

We begin by using sales talent assessment tools to measure the following:

  • Natural Talent – Identify specific attributes, personality traits and values to look for in the hiring process through sales talent assessments
  • Learned Skills – Understand the technical and professional skills that your team needs to be effective sellers using sales skills assessment tools
  • High Performance Culture – Establish the behaviours required to consistently embody your sales organisation's values and cultures through

Using those three attributes, our sales consultants in India will help you build a sales talent strategy that helps your organisation achieve sustained, improved performance to meet the goals and objectives specific to your business

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Use Talent Assessment Tools to Optimise Your Talent Strategy and Sales Team Management

Through our sales consulting process, we will ensure that you have the right talent aligned to your customer path and buyer needs. Using sales talent assessment tools, we will

  • Clearly Understanding Roles, Skills and Competencies through Sales Talent Assessments – Align your sales team to meet changing buyer expectations to ensure you have the right roles for effective selling.
  • Analyse Roles and Competencies – To know where you need to go, you need to understand clearly we're you've been--and then set expectations.
  • Ensure the Right Talent Is In The Right Roles – Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your existing sales force and put together a roadmap to strategically hire the right people and then develop a sales promotion strategy to reward quality sales performance.

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The 5 Steps We Take to Assess and Create Your Talent Strategy

As buyer expectations change, sales organisations must put a well-developed, data-driven talent strategy in place, using qualitative research as well as quantitative results from sales talent assessments, sales skills assessments and tools for assessing employee potential to truly understand what predicts success in each sales role.

By using this approach, sales managers will be able to make sure that their entire organisation practises effective selling and that they have a sales promotion strategy in place to reward and recognise their teams.

Ambitious growth objectives require the most effect salespeople. Employing these tools for assessing employee potential will help you develop your existing staff as well as create a data-driven approach to recruitment with profiles that will predict their ability to succeed in a role.

To get there, this is what we'll do:

  1. Job Analysis – Using qualitative research, including reviewing job demands, discovery interviews with stakeholders and top performers, we use sales talent assessments to develop success profiles.
  2. High Performance Culture Calibration – Employing quantitative analytics, we ask for top performers to complete sales skills assessments and sales talent assessments to analyse what makes them successful.
  3. Talent Audit – We expand our quantitative analysis to your full sales team, inventorying their existing talents through talent assessment tools and their skills through a sales skills assessment.
  4. Develop Talent Strategy – After we use a variety of talent and skill assessment tools to understand employee potential and the profile we need to build to attract the right candidates to your organisation, we'll complete a strategic analysis for your executive leadership. In addition to the talent assessments, we'll identify and analyse performance metrics from sellers to build a complete and effective talent strategy.
  5. TalentCQ Training – Collecting talent assessments and quantitative data and building the talent strategy is just the start. Then we move to sales team management, ensuring that sales recruiters and sales managers receive training to coach and develop employees to hire, onboard and coach sellers to optimise selling performance.

8 Ways We Use Sales Talent Assessments and Sales Skills Assessments

We use a variety of talent assessment tools to generate your sales talent strategy, from sales skills assessments to understand the capabilities of your existing talent, to tools for assessing employee potential to help you select better candidates and create career and learning paths for all of your sellers.

Through our sales talent assessment you'll receive:

  1. Validated Success Profile – Understand the attributes through performance metrics and sales talent assessment tools to predict which sellers will be most effective at selling.
  2. Measurement-based Selection Approach – Develop objective tools to select candidates, including talent assessment tools like tests and structured interviews.
  3. Insight-based Skills Development – Employing a data-driven approach through sales skills assessment, identify avenues for methodology development.
  4. Systematic Onboarding Process – Ensure new talent gets the learning they need using tools for assessing employee potential.
  5. Coaching Process – Implement individualised weekly feedback and coaching on knowledge, skills and abilities using sales talent and skills assessments, as well as seller activities.
  6. Succession Planning – Build career paths and learning journeys for each seller to create a sales promotion strategy--not just managing them up or out.
  7. Comprehensive Sourcing Strategy – Find more ponds from which to fish and grow your candidate pool.
  8. Offboarding – Measure performance through sales skills assessment tools and talent assessment tools and use a feedback-based approach to make the right talent decisions

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Sales Talent Assessment Deliverables

Each sales talent consulting engagement is customised to your organisation's needs, but sales organisations interested in improving their sales team management strategy and developing a data-based talent strategy can expect to receive deliverables like this:

  • Detailed analysis using sales talent assessments to understand the roles required to serve buyer archetypes
  • Through sales skills assessments, sales talent assessments and employee potential tools, we'll create a predictive profile for each role and job, so you can understand which candidates are most likely to succeed
  • A full sales talent assessment and sales skills assessment of all salespeople and sales managers, analysed against your idea sales talent profile
  • Playbooks for individuals and managers to use tools for assessing employee potential to coach and direct improvement, aligning everyone in your organisation for effective selling
  • A recruiting profile with tools for assessing employee potential to help sales recruiters and hiring managers in selecting the right candidates

By undertaking a data-driven talent strategy using sales talent and skills assessments, you'll build the sales talent strategy to set your organisation apart from its competitors. Sellers at your organisation will be better aligned for effective selling, leading to better buyer relationships and more wins. Contact us today to get started on your talent strategy journey.