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Miller Heiman Group has been a proud partner of John Deere for more than ten years, providing customized sales and customer service development programs to help John Deere dealerships achieve world-class performance—from the service counter to executive leadership.

For dealership inquiries regarding any Miller Heiman Group programs, please email, or reach out directly to a John Deere Miller Heiman Group Consultant:

Lee Richards

Randy Will

The following Miller Heiman Group programs are endorsed by John Deere University and offer JDU credits.

Professional Sales Coaching™ (PSC)

Professional Sales Coaching™ provides John Deere sales leaders with the framework, communication skills and planning tools they need to build and maintain a superior sales team—one that generates mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships. During the workshop, sales leaders master a proven process for collaborative coaching conversations to build a development culture that creates a high-performance sales team.

Professional Sales Coaching™ is tailored to support John Deere’s efforts to:

  • Demonstrate basic principles to increase coaching effectiveness with our sales teams.
  • Evaluate sales performance using a John Deere customized Coaching Issues Diagram.
  • Apply a set of skill steps for providing constructive feedback, developing others and giving recognition to increase sales reps’ performance and drive results.
  • Successfully handle difficult coaching conversations.
  • Use phone, voice mail, e-mail and real-time messaging to coach salespeople effectively from a distance.
  • Implement a coaching process with each John Deere sales team.
  • Build stronger, more profitable dealer sales organizations that attract and retain new customers.

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Professional Selling Skills® (PSS)

Professional Selling Skills®, a highly interactive sales development program tailored for John Deere, teaches customer interaction and face-to-face selling skills that help John Deere sales people win new business, develop solid customer relationships and build customer loyalty.

John Deere participants learn immediately applicable skills that apply to all aspects of the sales process, including:

  • Engaging customers, developing rapport and demonstrating effective listening.
  • Planning for and opening calls (or conversations) in a customer-focused manner.
  • Using effective questions to gather information, build trust and build a clear, complete and mutual understanding of a customer’s needs.
  • Resolving customer indifference and creating awareness of unrealized needs.
  • Proving information and describe how relevant product features will benefit the customer, based on the customer’s specific needs.

Professional Selling Skills® incorporates a guided discovery learning design that involves a range of activities geared toward effective adult learning.

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Service Ready™

Achieving customer success begins with employees. By investing in developing and reinforcing positive behavior, and ensuring staff have the right skills across multichannel platforms, John Deere will deliver experiences that customers rave about.

Miller Heiman Group’s Service Ready program draws from the latest research, technology and best practices in customer experience to deliver a flexible curriculum that creates measurable, lasting results for your dealership or network.

The Service Ready™ Core Sessions provide a framework and techniques for managing customer interactions in a multichannel environment. Learners develop skills that enhance their ability to make every interaction a high-value experience for the John Deere customer. They learn how to navigate tough situations and personalize the experience along every step of the customer’s journey.

The sessions include:

  • Module 1: Building Customer Loyalty
  • Module 2: Mastering Conversation Essentials
  • Module 3: Strengthening Customer Connections
  • Module 4: Navigating Challenging Situations
  • Module 5: Exploring Digital Communications

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