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What happens when in-person meetings aren’t possible? This is the reality for many enterprise sellers as the global spread of COVID-19 drives selling and buying organisations to adopt no-travel, no-meeting and social distancing policies. As a result, many companies find themselves with large sales teams of frequent flyers grounded in the office, functioning more like inside sales teams.

In these times of disruption, business buyers look outside their company for validation and insights. Yet today just 31% of sales organisations effectively identify and gain access to key decision-makers. Customer intimacy matters more than ever. Sellers must offer perspective — ideas and insights that educate and encourage buyers to see their problems in a different light.

Our whitepaper, Social Distancing Without Sales Disruption, offers immediate strategies your organisation can implement now and develop as long-term initiatives. Discover ways to:

  • Create a content strategy that equips sellers with content useful in email, social media and web
  • Use social media to gain professional connections and engage customers and peers who share similar challenges
  • Maximise the use of technology—customer success platforms, lead scoring tools, video conferencing and more

Download these insights to find out how your organisation can stay focused and provide value in this constantly changing environment.