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Defining the approach to modern selling.

Miller Heiman Group provides the sales methodologies and skills training that help sellers close more deals. Our core sales training programmes, including Strategic Selling® with Perspective, Professional Selling Skills® revolutionise seller behaviour and drive success in leading sales organisations around the world.

The effectiveness of Miller Heiman Group’s approach to sales training lies in our understanding of the art and science of sales. With more than 40 years of experience, our ability to develop sellers who meet the changing expectations of today’s buyers is unparallelled. Rely on us to equip your sellers with the behaviours and strategies they need to engage more buyers, provide exceptional customer experiences and win more deals.

Expand Your Organisation's Sales and Service Performance

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Why Miller Heiman Group?



With unprecedented disruption and increasing complexity in buying cycles, Miller Heiman Group’s sales training programmes transform sales performance.



Backed by research that demonstrates what works for sellers, our sales training programmes continue to produce successful sales leaders.



From developing hunters and farmers to onboarding new team members, our broad portfolio of sales training courses creates an optimal learning path for every team.



Miller Heiman Group’s approach and methodology is simple and pragmatic, driving immediate changes in seller behaviour and performance.

Expand Your Organisation's Sales and Service Performance

Sales Training in the Middle East

At Miller Heiman Group, we know what it takes to succeed today’s buyers. Backed by more than 40 years experience working with sales organisations in local and global enterprises, we have the insights and experience to provide custom solutions to clients throughout the Middle East.

Sales Training Programme Success Through Established Methodology and Skills

These types of sales training programmes provide individuals as well as sales organisations the techniques to:

  • Better Manage Sales Opportunities – Learn the process and tools needed to conduct a strategic analysis for accounts with multiple decision makers. In these sales training courses, offered in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, sellers learn to address customers' business needs and personal motives, uncover essential information and therefore earn the right to interact with buyers earlier and more often in the sales cycle.
  • Create Impactful Client Interactions – Through a simple, repeatable structure, sellers learn the essentials for succeeding at both planned or spontaneous meetings with buyers. This specific type of sales training programme teaches how to execute a buyer needs assessment that avoids misalignment between what customers want and what the seller presents.
  • Protect and Grow Accounts – Learn the three key stages that sellers can employ to not just renew strategic accounts but increase their value in our sales training classes – data gathering, strategy sessions and execution. By adhering to this proven process, you'll learn how to positively impact customer perception and often improve cross-team collaboration.

Experience How Great Sales Training Courses Can Improve Sales Performance

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The 6 Different Types of Sales Training Programmes

Whether your organisation needs B2B sales training or B2C sales training, Miller Heiman Group Middle East provides these types of sales training programmes and sales training classes to support all levels of experience and many different approaches to sales:

  1. Foundational Sales Training Classes
  2. Advanced Sales Training Classes
  3. Account Management Sales Training Classes
  4. Channel Management Sales Training Classes
  5. Sales Coaching Training Classes
  6. Customer Experience and Sales Training Classes

Foundational Sales Training Classes

In our entry-level sales training classes, such as Professional Selling Skills, we offer a hands-on approach (simulating real-world sales scenarios) that addresses who to call, what to say and how to say it.

  • Who to Call – Empower sales reps to cull large prospect lists and accurately identify the right buyers to contact.
  • What to Say – Teach sellers how to more effectively communicate with prospects through targeted first-touch messaging and subsequent key conversations that quickly engage key contacts and accurately identify their pain points.
  • How to Say It – Instruct salespeople on how to have difficult conversations that both recognise and resolve concerns and scepticism about the solution or message.

Advanced Sales Training Classes

Geared to those sales professionals who are working on more complex deals, with higher level decision makers and often through intricate negotiations, advanced sales training classes support those looking to build and refine their high-performing sales teams.

  • Win Complex Deals – Use advanced sales training programmes like Strategic Selling with Perspective® and Conceptual Selling, break down complex sales into understandable components by adopting a roadmap like the iconic Blue Sheet and Green Sheetto drived organisational strategy to abide by common language and practises.
  • Reach High-Level Decision Makers – Designed to help sales professionals at all levels, B2B sales training courses like Executive Impact promote skills that help participants own the dialogue, overcome buyer hesitations and explore unrecognised needs. Furthermore, you will learn how to develop a tailored message and presentation style to reach and impact executives.
  • Win Intricate Negotiations – Regain control of the room when things have gone "off the rails," preserve client relationships, and secure time with high-level prospects in sales training courses like Negotiation Skills, built on creating win-win negotiations skills.

Account Management Sales Training Classes

Learn how to manage the complex multi-year engagement of strategic accounts through data gathering, strategy sessions and execution. Our Large Account Management Process sales training course allows sellers to focus on working toward a shared vision for the future, while preventing communication breakdowns and competitive threats by aligning internal strengths with customer needs. You will also learn how to segment overwhelming accounts and to develop the right relationships with key players.

Channel Management Sales Training Classes

When organisations sell through channels, salespeople need to know how to effectively collaborate with channel partners to achieve greater success for themselves, their end-users, their customers and their partners.

Despite this reality, few direct sales or channel sellers have had any kind of formal training on how to successfully leverage channel partners. The skills taught in our channel management sales training course represent a crucial part of robust, modern sales strategy.

These sales training classes focuses on helping both sales leaders to define their channel strategy and the channel team to build the skills they need for partner success.

Sales Coaching Training Classes

As a sales leader or sales manager, one of your most important roles is how you coach your team.

Undoubtably, you are always looking for a way to improve team performance while providing consistent best-practise reinforcement and mentoring your sellers.

Through sales training classes, including Professional Sales Coaching, we teach you and your sales managers the framework, communication skills and planning tools necessary to create high-performance sales teams.

During the sales training programme you'll learn: how to hold productive conversations with internal team members; build a culture that empowers the individual and the team; and build the confidence of sales people to advance and close lucrative deals.

Through these sales training programmes, managers acquire, develop and apply skills for coaching in all conversations, whether for deal direction or to aid in professional development. The overall results are sales leaders and managers who provide a superior level of coaching support that helps win more deals and improves seller retention.

Customer Experience and Sales Training Classes

Bad customer service can kill a good business. So how does a sales-driven organisation build a foundation of customer service excellence to create loyal and long-term customers?

Through our customer experience training programme (Service ReadyTM) you'll learn to identify defining moments early in the sales process and exceed customer expectations to build and retain customer loyalty.

In this sales training programme, you will acquire listening skills, lead high-value interactions and guide customer-focused conversations for win-win outcomes.

Find the Best Sales Training Courses for Your Organisation

Ready to start on any of these sales training courses? Not sure which type of sales training programme is right for you? Contact us to start the conversation, and your sellers will soon have the sales skills and sales strategies they need to close more deals faster than ever.