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Find the optimal channel approach for your sales organisation.

As a globally recognised authority on omnichannel routes to market, Miller Heiman Group helps thousands of companies around the world to increase third-party channel sales performance through targeted consulting and professional development programmes.

Through a careful balance of partner planning, channel management and sales training, Miller Heiman Group empowers your organisation to stay ahead of the curve with channel management efforts.

Optimise Omnichannel Effectiveness

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Benefits of Channel Sales


Expedite Channel Success

We work with you to quickly mobilise channel partners so they can start selling more.


Avoid Channel Conflicts

The right structure within your organisation can make the difference between channels that operate seamlessly and those that experience on-going problems.


Identify High-Performing Channel Partners

Assess performance per channel to identify which channels are ideal for reaching your customers.


Empower Sellers to Execute

Miller Heiman Group helps your organisation to coach sellers on channel strategy best practices, providing them with the skills they need to execute flawlessly in the field.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

  • With anytime, anywhere access from electronic or mobile devices, Miller Heiman Group's digital learning options are ideal for geographically diverse audiences looking for flexible solutions.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

Optimise Omnichannel Effectiveness

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Sales Channel Management Training in the Middle East

It’s time to grow your business and Miller Heiman Group can help. Significantly improve your organisation’s sales and service performance by tapping into our solutions and services in the Middle East.

Why You Need a Sales Channel Strategy

Today, sales organisations in the Middle East count on selling through a channel to maximise profits, increase market penetration and enhance customer satisfaction. This is especially true because suppliers often use selling through a channel to facilitate complex sales, with multiple buying influences and deals that involve a higher level of risk. A good sales channel strategy also offers a faster path to market, better market coverage and lower distribution costs.

But sales organisations often don’t apply the same processes to managing a sales channel that they do to direct sales. They must remember that channel sales aren’t your typical buyer-seller relationship. Channel partners have a choice: they can sell your products or services, or they can sell the other product lines in their repertoire. With many options at their fingertips, your channel sellers will probably gravitate toward selling whatever is easiest for them to sell at the highest margin.

Improving sales channel effectiveness requires a well-defined sales channel strategy that optimises your channel partnerships and guides them toward mutual profitability. With our sales management training, your channel sales team will learn channel sales best practises and channel selling strategies that lead to channel sales success.

Quickly Improve the Results Coming From Your Sales Channel

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Essential Components of a Sales Channel Strategy

When you’re selling through a channel, ensuring that your organisation uses channel sales best practises and offers the right types of sales enablement services to help your partners engage prospects and customers is essential to meeting your indirect revenue goals.

Sales enablement services that leading sales organisations offer to their channel partners include:

  • Training support
  • Sales content throughout the buying lifecycle
  • Implementation support
  • Pre-sales support
  • Marketing and lead generation support
  • Deal registration and process
  • Deal coaching
  • Forecast management
  • Proposal generation support

The top sales enablement services that organisations can provide include comprehensive training on their products and services and access to sales content differentiating the company’s products and services from the competition, so channel partners can build a business case that justifies the buyer’s purchase.

Drive Better Business Results with More High-Performing Channel Partners

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How to Manage a Sales Channel

Our channel management sales training, available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, helps sellers improve sales channel effectiveness by optimising channel partnerships and create win-win relationships. This course will deliver the tools you need to implement a channel sales best practises designed to produce results for your channel partners and improve sales channel effectiveness.

You’ll learn these eight channel selling strategies as part of this course designed to teach sellers how to manage a sales channel:

  1. Identify high-performing partners to optimise growth and customer reach
  2. Align your long-term sales strategies with your channel partners
  3. Develop strategic and tactical initiatives to achieve your indirect sales goals
  4. Gain commitment from partners for revenue goals and sales objectives
  5. Provide channel partners the tools and support they need to achieve their revenue targets
  6. Minimise competitive vulnerabilities
  7. Build partner loyalty
  8. Increase your channel ROI

Learn the Most Effective Sales Channel Management Best Practises

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The Challenges of Channel Partner Management

If you don’t have a sound channel management strategy, you might be suffering from one or more of these challenges in selling through a channel:

  • Your channel relationships aren’t living up to your sales expectations
  • You aren’t sure how to maximise the ROI from your channel relationships
  • You’re not sure your partners understand your unique value proposition
  • You’re suffering from channel conflicts that are hampering your indirect sales and revenue
  • Your channel partners aren’t as loyal as you’d like them to be
  • You aren’t maximising your channel profitability
  • Your channel partners’ customers aren’t as satisfied as your direct sales customers

Channel sales strategy training can help your organisation improve your sales channel effectiveness and learn outstanding channel sales strategies to improve relationships with your channel partners.

A Quick and Easy Path to a More Productive Sales Channel

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The Benefits of Channel Management Training

Organisations that invest in channel management training will implement a stronger channel sales strategy, improving sales channel effectiveness and make sure all of sellers know how to manage a sales channel:

  • Set realistic expectations for selling through a channel
  • Avoid channel conflicts by using channel sales best practises
  • Mobilise channel partners with the channel selling strategies
  • Allocate resources to the highest-performing partners
  • Define vendor and partner roles and responsibilities
  • Improve communication about channel issues
  • Identify hidden issues affecting channel performance
  • Prioritise channel development activities and allocate resources effectively
  • Enjoy higher customer satisfaction because channel partners deliver complete solutions and seamless service

The Time Is Now For a Better Channel Partner Management Strategy

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The Channel Sales Strategies You’ll Learn in this Channel Management Training

Channel Management Training is for you if you’re involved in distribution or channel partner management or if you have an ongoing relationship where you oversee your organisation’s indirect sales partners.

Sales managers and senior leaders will walk away from Channel Management Training with channel selling strategies, including new skills and abilities that they can use to implement channel sales best practises like:

  • Strengthening partner relationships through documented, multi-year plans
  • Developing wider relationships within partner organisations, increasing account retention and long-term stability and growth
  • Facilitating information sharing across account teams
  • Allocating limited resources more effectively

Meanwhile, you’ll enable your field sales teams to

  1. Analyse the current status of relationships to identify discrepancies and develop a shared vision with partners
  2. Improve communication and collaboration with partners through better alignment with their channel counterparts
  3. Learn to set clearly defined sales and relationship goals with measurable results

Sales Channel Optimization Training Based on Research, Taught by Experts

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Five Sales Channel Strategy Best Practises

Too many sales organisations have recruited channel partners but haven’t taken steps to optimise their relationships through channel selling strategies focused on improving sales channel effectiveness. These five channel sales best practises can drive more productive and profitable alliances:

  1. Minimise channel conflict: Create a process for partners to register deal opportunities to maintain fair, consistent channel sales engagements.
  2. Conduct reviews with channel partners: Ask channel salespeople to report what happened during the sales process, including which buying influences they worked with, what the prospect’s goals were and what sales tactics they used for wins, losses and stalled sales, so you can identify the factors that led to winning and losing, leverage the partner’s strengths and avoid their weaknesses.
  3. Ask channel partners to review your support: Interview your partners about the sales enablement services that you currently provide and opportunities for improvement and any gaps.
  4. Help channel partners with lead generation: Ensure that your partners have the leads they need to grow the business. According to the CSO Insights 2016 Channel Sales Optimization Study, 71.2% of firms that were effective at lead generation and coaching support achieved 76% more of their targeted channel revenue goal, as compared to only 45% of firms that had suboptimal performance in these channel support services.
  5. Ask for visibility into partner opportunities: Request access to your channel partners’ sales data and metrics, so you can assess the viability of your partners’ pipelines.

You’ll learn about channel sales best practises like these and others when you enrol in courses that focus on managing a sales channel and improving sales channel effectiveness.

Achieving Your Sales Channel Revenue Goals Starts Here

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It’s Time to Learn New Channel Selling Strategies

Ready to focus on win-win channel strategies that will take your partnerships to the next level? Contact us to sign up for Channel Management Training, so you can start turning your sales partnerships into a competitive advantage.