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Great defining moments drive great customer loyalty.

Exceptional customer experiences are the lifeblood of successful organisations. Addressing and improving customer satisfaction scores (CSat) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) is critical to developing, retaining and nurturing customers. Poor customer service costs brands billions of dollars a year in lost business, and there is an ever-growing disparity between how well organisations feel their customer service functions are performing and actual customer sentiments.

Miller Heiman Group knows customer service involves every department in an organisation. We understand that customer experiences boil down to the multiple touch points your buyers interact with every day. From technical and diagnostic trouble-shooting to coaching sellers on customer service best practices, we help sales and service organisations to create an unforgettable customer experience that delivers lasting results.

Give Your Customers Experiences They Won't Forget

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Benefits of Customer Experience Strategies


Build Lasting Customer Service Strategies

Our approach to customer service helps you to build and implement long-term strategies to keep customers coming back.


Enhance Service Behaviours

Train your customer-facing teams on the specific behaviours and skills needed to ensure exceptional customer experiences.


Define the Roadmap

We help you to develop and deploy customer experience strategies in ways that are easily retained - and executed - by your teams.


Improve Customer Relationships

Formal and robust customer service strategies lead to stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships - and greater customer retention.

Give Your Customers Experiences They Won't Forget

Customer Experience Strategies Built to Last

In a rapidly changing B2B market, sales and customer experience leaders need to find customer experience strategies to continually improve their customers' satisfaction with every interaction, no matter the touchpoint.

This is no easy feat, as the B2B customer journey involves contact with every department in a sales organisation.

Miller Heiman Group Middle East uses a holistic approach to help companies implement customer experience strategies that ensures success at every stage of the customer journey:

  • Creating long-term strategies to grow customer retention
  • Through hands-on practise, we use customer service experience best practises to teach any customer-facing professional the specific behaviours and skills needed to ensure exceptional customer experiences.
  • Build a customer experience strategy roadmap to reinforce the customer experience strategies that we develop and deploy with your team

There are different paths to fully develop effective customer experience strategies, and Miller Heiman Group Middle East has built robust solutions to fit your organisation's needs.

Tap Into the Power of Putting the Customer First

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Why Customer Experience Best Practises Matter in Sales Strategy

The Technology Service Industry Association found that customer service teams have 10 interactions with customers for every one interaction with a seller--and given that 70% of revenue now comes from existing customers, this is a tremendous business case to grow the relationship between customer experience and sales.

By ensuring that the customer's path--including how customers use products and services after the sale--at the centre of everything they do, sales organisations can leverage customer experience strategies to grow customer retention, identify opportunities for revenue growth through cross-selling and upselling and deepen their customer relationships.

6 Foundations for Customer Experience Strategies

Our customer experience strategy training helps organisations create seamless customer experiences throughout the customer journey. Touching every corner of your organisation, Miller Heiman Group's customer experience strategy training in the Middle East focuses on the essential solution areas that drive a customer-focused culture. This customer experience strategy training targets areas for your teams to develop a mindset that places the customer at the centre of every decision. There are six customer experience best practises that your team can learn to deliver elevated customer experiences:

  • Building Customer Loyalty – Identify defining moments early in the sales process and exceed customer expectations to build and retain customer loyalty.
  • Explore Communication Channels – Whether your customers prefer digital or in-person communications, we help you develop successful conversation tactics with buyers across different platforms.
  • Master Conversations Essentials – Acquire listening skills, lead high-value interactions and guide customer-focused conversations for win-win outcomes.
  • Navigate Challenging Situations – Address challenging situations, and reach amicable outcomes that don't negatively impact customer relationships.
  • Strengthen Customer Connections – Understand the business impact that comes from not just meeting customer needs, but exceeding them. We provide a roadmap to connect customer experience best practises with day-to-day activities with buyers, ensuring you meet their unique business needs.
  • Drive a Holistic, Customer-Centric Service Approach – Built for a variety of customer service professionals, including field service engineers and technical service teams, our programmes drive improvement to solve customer experience problems effectively.

Organisations that leverage strong customer experience strategies see a measurable increase in customer experience metrics, including customer retention and revenues. With over 40 years experience and more than a million professionals trained, Miller Heiman Group Middle East equips your customer-facing teams with the skills and tools they need to create memorable customer experiences.

Dramatically Improve Business Results Through Exceptional Customer Service

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Customer Experience Strategies for the Future

Sales management training has traditionally only focused on sellers, however, retaining clients and improving customer service strategies has become a larger focus in enterprise sales strategy, as 70% of revenue comes from existing customers.

This elevates the importance of the customer's journey, while also keeping in mind the opportunities that can be uncovered and won through employing customer service best practises as the level of satisfaction and engagement increase.

Miller Heiman Group's customer experience training provides key insights into world-class customer experience strategies that deliver. Participants learn how to pair customer experience strategy and sales strategy to identify and act on sales opportunities, including offering a new class of service, new products to customers as well as cross-selling and upselling current products and services. Customer-facing professionals learn how to identify and act on sales opportunities, while maintaining and ensuring positive customer experience metrics.

This customer experience strategy pushes participants to:

  • Define the importance of their role and behaviours that help them to connect with customers and initiate productive dialogue.
  • Know the most effective actions for opportunities and propose the next step during customer interactions to increase customer experience metrics.
  • Learn new listening skills and look at opportunities from a broader perspective, then explore each opportunity by explaining appropriate solutions to customers in a way that best aligns with defined needs.
  • Explore techniques that expand relationships during customer interactions to improve the broader customer experience throughout their journey.

Any customer-facing professional who learns the customer experience best practises from Miller Heiman Group will be able to use new tools and techniques to provide a more personalised experience for customers. Customer service professionals learn how to recognise sales opportunities during their interactions and enhance overall customer experience strategy for their organisation.

Contact us today to start your journey to creating memorable experiences for your customers through improving customer experience metrics and strategies at your organisation.