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Learner Ready

BE READY to design your learner experience with new technology, new methodology and new delivery.

Watch Damon Jones, Executive Vice President North America, explain how Learner ReadyTM provides more options and delivery platforms for learning than any other organization in the industry.

Learner ReadyTM

The most comprehensive learning modalities on the market. Choose one, or any combination, of all four to shape a cutting edge learning experience that fits your company, your team and your culture.

Training Methods


Digital Learning

  • Available to learners anytime, anywhere
  • Interactive experience for any computer or device
  • Optimized for the mobile environment
  • Highly scalable
  • Can train larger, geographically diverse groups faster and at lower cost
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Instructor-Led Learning

  • Certified instructors are experienced sales and service professionals
  • On-site and video modules last between one and three days
  • Effective for groups of up to 25 learners
  • Best-in-class “Train the Trainer” programs
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Integrated Learning

  • Address modern learners without sacrificing performance improvements of Instructor-Led Learning
  • Large ecosystem of content delivery, collaborative learning tools, progress monitoring, peer-to-peer review and gamification
  • Flexibility for larger teams and organizations
  • Powered by IntrepidTM Learning
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“It’s exciting to partner with Intrepid Learning in order to create a unique learning experience for our clients. We’ve always had great instructors. We were on the forefront of digital learning. Now we offer an adaptable, custom platform that reaches learners in the most engaging ways possible. This is significant, because truly engaged learners retain their training far better than those who merely attend a session or work their way through a mandatory module.”

—Damon Jones, Executive Vice President/North America of Miller Heiman Group

Be Ready

Learner Ready is a part of the Be Ready Solutions from Miller Heiman Group. Our products and solutions are inspired by brands like Miller Heiman, Huthwaite, Impact Learning Systems, AchieveGlobal, Channel Enablers and CSO Insights. We invite you to discover all of our powerful products in sales and service performance, talent assessment, learning management, strategy execution, data and insights. Simply click on the overview button below and help your sales and service teams Be Ready to sell more and service better.