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2018 Elevate
Innovation In Action

Thanks for joining us in Scottsdale!

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2018 Elevate In Action

Thanks for joining us in Scottsdale

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Thanks for attending Elevate 2018: Innovation in Action North America Summit

At Elevate 2018, we learned that the chaos of industry disruption can intimidate and overwhelm sales organizations, causing them to hold tightly to the way they’ve always done things. But there’s also no better time to come up with new ideas, break the rules and take risks that push your organization to the next level. Whether it’s sales technology, sales enablement or sales talent, this year’s conference presented plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the disruption happening in sales and service today — and turn chaos into a competitive advantage.

Thanks for attending Elevate 2018 and adding your voice to the discussion. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement regarding next year’s conference dates and location. We can’t wait to see you again at Elevate 2019!

Conference Material

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The Future Of Selling

During the opening session, Byron Matthews, President and CEO, Miller Heiman Group, examined what the future of sales and service looks like. He provided insight into the shift the industry will experience over the next decade by exploring key trends, recent research and data—forecasting where the future of sales and service is headed.

Future of Selling
Clarity to Sales Enablement

Bringing Clarity to Sales Enablement

Seleste Lunsford, Managing Director of CSO Insights, shared new insights and research into changes in the buying process and the connection to sales enablement. Based on actual practices and operational metrics, CSO Insights has developed a “clarity model” outlining the seven key elements that you should focus on for true sales enablement impact. Get a sneak peek into the findings which form the basis of the brand new book Sales Enablement: A Master Framework to Engage, Equip and Empower a World-Class Sales Force. 

The Importance of Tightly Linking Technology and Analytics with Sales Process

With the explosion of AI technology and tools for sales, how do organizations embrace the future without introducing unproductive distractions for their current sales teams? Dana Hamerschlag, Chief Product Officer, Miller Heiman Group, provided tangible ideas to couple technology with sales methodology to support current sales team performance and lay the foundation for further innovation. Learn how burgeoning market trends are driving innovation in sales methodology and reinforcing the importance of staying centered around the customer, while bringing a valuable new perspective.

Tightly Linking Tech and Analytics
AI is Already Turning How you Sell

How AI is Already Turning How You Sell Into a Competitive Advantage

During this panel, Jim Dickie of CSO Insights, introduced three visionaries in the area of leveraging Artificial Intelligence to optimize sales performance. He explored real case study examples of how AI is redefining how sales professionals are turbocharging prospecting, thoroughly researching stakeholders, assessing real buyer intent and accurately forecasting deals.

An ROI on Human Capital

In this engaging general session, Miller Heiman Group’s Harry Dunklin and Mark Grimshaw discussed the changes to the buyer and seller profiles, how technology and artificial intelligence is emerging to change the sales game and why it’s important now more than ever to have a talented sales organization. Learn why it’s not enough to simply know what good looks like – you must deeply understand what predicts success in your business.

Talent Impact on Sales Orgs
Reasons You_re Missing Quota

Five Reasons You’re Missing Quota

Ray Smith, SVP of CallidusCloud and GM of Datahug, discussed five ways modern sales reps are letting deals slip between their fingers. He revealed the true cause of these pipeline killers and outlines how sales leaders can address them with the aid of good sales methodology and next generation sales technologies

Conference Photos

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