When we launched Scout by Miller Heiman Group, our powerful sales analytics platform, we promised it would change the way you sell. By combining data-driven technology with our trusted and updated sales methodology, Strategic Selling® with Perspective, we said that Scout would make technology relevant and useful for your sales team. Instead of burdensome CRM tasks, your reps can now access practical insights and see the moves that move the deal.  

But what do those promises really mean? And how does Scout change the game for everyone in your sales organization?

Scout delivers benefits for everyone in your sales organization

We built Scout to provide the data that helps your organization put your sales training into action. But on a more granular level, there are several important ways Scout solves problems for sellers, sales managers and sales leaders.

1) Sales reps: Scout drives seller actions.

Sales reps hate entering data into CRMs, and most don’t see any value from the data after it lands in the system. In fact, more than 80 percent of sellers feel challenged by the amount of data and information available on prospects, and just a quarter of sales organizations express high confidence in the quality of their CRM data, according a recent CSO Insights report.

Scout changes the typical view of technology by incentivizing sales teams through the methodology to want to interact with the CRM. Until now, it’s been all stick – no carrot. With Scout, sales reps gain in-the-moment insights generated by predictive analytics – specific, real-time actions they can take to increase the odds of closing deals. The platform makes the Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology accessible in the moments it matters most.

Sales reps engage consistently with the technology in the work of selling and in the practice of the concepts they learned in sales training. Through improved adoption of the Blue Sheet and Green Sheet methodology, reps are better equipped to prioritize deals, manage time and spend more hours on actual selling activities.

2) Sales managers: Scout changes deal outcomes.

Nearly a third (30 percent) of sellers identify inconsistent coaching as their top sales challenge. Across the board, sales managers want to improve and scale the level of coaching they provide to sales reps. But, in many cases, they lack the tools and information they need to help reps move the needle on deal outcomes, and it’s difficult to know when to intervene.

Scout equips managers to provide actionable coaching advice, quickly and at scale. In addition to serving up real-time alerts about deals that require attention, Scout gives managers specific insights they can use to guide the actions of sales reps and improve win rates.

Getting sellers to adopt methodology is also a common coaching struggle, and Scout delivers the solution. By connecting sales technology to Strategic Selling® with Perspective, Scout incentivizes reps to execute the organization’s sales methodology, while providing managers with greater visibility into the state of methodology adoption. This gives managers another way to ensure sellers are putting methodology into practice.

3) Sales leaders: Scout replicates winning

It’s not enough to simply know that you’re winning. Sales leaders and executives need to know why sellers are winning so they can identify effective selling behaviors and multiply success across the organization.

Leveraging deep analytics, Scout shows sales leaders the reasons behind wins and losses, providing visibility to patterns of success and empowering leaders to identify the behaviors that consistently generate better deal outcomes. For example, it shows which methodology-backed actions — such as finding the economic buyer — most closely correlates to closed-won deals across the organization.

Scout also increases leaders’ visibility to analytics about sales strategy effectiveness, providing a clearer understanding of the ROI on methodology adoption and usage. Ultimately, Scout improves the quality, quantity and timeliness of CRM data in ways that help leaders make more informed and effective decisions.

Scout isn’t like any other sales technology you’ve seen. We designed it to deliver important benefits to everyone in your organization. More importantly, Scout reinforces your sales methodology and uses predictive analytics to show you exactly how to drive seller actions, change deal outcomes and replicate winning across your sales organization.

If that’s not a game-changer, what is?

Ready for more? Learn how to take the next step in making Scout by Miller Heiman Group available to your organization.

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