2020 starts tomorrow—and that’s got us feeling reflective. Over the course of this year, our blog took sales and services on a journey, with stories about practical challenges in growing prospects, advice for sales leaders anticipating a recession, conversations with major sales influencers like Neil Rackham and much more.

Read on to see our top 15 blog posts from this past year—and find out what we’ve got planned down the road.

Together We Are in a Category of One Our most popular post this year brought our biggest news: Miller Heiman Group is now part of Korn Ferry. By bringing together Korn Ferry’s ability to align organizations with Miller Heiman Group’s experience in execution, we form a category of one that no competition can touch.

Neil Rackham Reflects on 50 Years of Bringing Science to Sales What a thrill it was for us to host the Professor of Professional Selling on the Move the Deal Sales Podcast last October. His reflections on the evolution of sales strategy connected with literally thousands of listeners to be our most popular podcast episode as well.

Three Sales Management Practices that CROs Can Use to Prepare Themselves for a Recession As organizations brace themselves for a softer economy, we offer three management practices that chief revenue officers can invest in now to prepare their sales force for whatever challenges come next.

Three Essentials to Upselling in Large Accounts 70% of sales organizations’ revenue comes from existing customers—and these three essential sales strategies show sales leaders and frontline sellers alike how to land and expand enterprise accounts.

How Account Managers Can Win Back Strategic Accounts It’s tough when a strategic account moves on—but it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. Use the advice and approaches in this article to see how you can win them back.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Existing Tech Stack On average, companies invest in as many as 25 sales technology systems, with plans to add more in the next year. This is how to take advantage of what you’ve got, especially as budgets shrink.

How to Reignite a Prospect that Suddenly Goes Dark Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: an excited prospect connects with you and then suddenly drops out of communication. These five sales strategies show you how to get back in their field of play.

The New Era of CRMs We kicked off our Move the Deal Sales Podcast last May with this engrossing conversation with Byron Matthews. As a global sales executive, he knows a thing or two about how to transform CRMs from data repositories to powerful tools to win more deals.

Three Key Skills to Distinguish Sellers from Sales Managers Being a great seller does not always translate to becoming a great sales manager. This article details the skills that a successful sales manager possesses, as well as the skills that outstanding sellers can focus on.

Techniques to Master When Selling to C-Level Executives Selling to the c-suite requires a carefully tailored strategy that shows deep understanding of decision-making styles. Here’s how to win over the boardroom.

Five Reasons Why Consultative Selling Outperforms the Challenger Sale The Challenger Sale dared to suggest consultative selling is dead. We offer five reasons why that simply is not true.

Hit Your Targets with the Valid Business Reason A critical part of Miller Heiman Group’s sales methodology is the valid business reason. Find out how to create a VBR that delivers perspective to your clients and helps you hit your sales targets.

Five Key Steps to Get Buy-in from Diverse Stakeholders in Large Accounts  The average sale now includes more than six stakeholders, all of whom bring their own concerns and needs to the table. Use these five steps to address their individual goals and get support from each of them.

Sellers Must Focus on Perspective to Increase Win Rates in 2019 The 2018-2019 Sales Performance Report, published in February, shows that the average company struggled to achieve peak sales performance. But there’s a bright spot: encouraging your sellers and sales managers to lead with education and insights.

Introducing the Miller Heiman Group Icons We introduced our inaugural class of Miller Heiman Group Icons, an elite group of our very best client facilitators from across the globe. We honored their achievements and gave them tools as brand ambassadors for our outstanding sales methodologies.

Our team truly enjoyed delivering you the insights, education and trends that sales and service professionals like yourself need to move the deal. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for next year as we bring our brand together with Korn Ferry to become a category of one, showing frontline sellers, sales leaders, service professionals and more how investing in themselves helps them be more than what they are today.

Thanks for being with us in 2019. We can’t wait to start 2020 together.

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