Sellers need technology and a methodology to succeed. But here’s the problem: No sales technology on the market is connected to a successful sales methodology. Without that linkage, we continue to see lackluster sales technology adoption rates and general frustration with data and analytics that don’t move the organization forward. And when it comes to sales methodologies, it’s difficult to sustain over time, monitor seller adoption and ROI, and achieve CRM integration.

Sellers deserve better. They need better. At Miller Heiman Group, we’re solving both problems by combining revolutionary technology with an update to our core methodology: Scout by Miller Heiman Group, a cutting-edge sales analytics platform, and Strategic Selling® with Perspective, the first major update to our time-tested core sales methodology in decades.

Scout coupled with Strategic Selling® with Perspective give sellers the technology and methodology they need to meet the changing expectations of today’s buyers. By linking the two together, we give sellers a proven strategy for winning complex deals and the tool they need to put their training into action. It’s a package deal that makes methodology easier to adopt and measure, and finally makes technology useful for sellers on the ground.

Scout by Miller Heiman Group makes technology relevant for sales teams

The sales industry is about to experience a “Moneyball” moment. From now on, data and analytics will literally change the way the game of sales is played, just like it did for baseball.  

Most sales reps view CRMs as a burdensome technology mandate that does little to change sales outcomes or help close more deals. Instead of adding value to the process, technology has instead become a distraction that robs a seller of the most precious resource: time.

Scout by Miller Heiman Group upends the typical view of technology by combining a powerful sales analytics platform with a trusted sales methodology. A cloud-based, mobile-first solution, Scout brings sales training into the moment by showing reps the steps they need to take to close the deal. It also helps managers by making the iconic Blue Sheet data immediately available for coaching and analysis.

Unlike CRMs, Scout helps sales organizations in the following ways:

  • Drive seller actions – Grounded in the methodology, Scout suggests the actions sellers should take, based on the Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology, to close more deals.
  • Change deal outcomes – Scout alerts sales managers about deals that require attention, provides real-time suggestions for individualized and group coaching, and demonstrates organizational adoption of methodology.
  • Replicate winning – Using deep analytics, Scout helps sales leaders identify behaviors that correlate to success and enables them to replicate winning across the organization.

Scout makes sales technology relevant again by uniquely incentivizing sellers through the methodology to use technology as they do the work of actual selling. With Scout, sellers really do see the move that moves the deal.

Want to know more? Discover how Scout can change the game for your sales team.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective adds value to the sales process

When we first launched Strategic Selling®, it revolutionized the world of sales. Strategic Selling® introduced innovations like the Win-Win concept, the Economic Buyer and the iconic Blue Sheet to the sales process.

But buyers have different expectations than they did 40 years ago. So, to meet the demands of today’s marketplace, we’ve added the one thing buyers say they want more than anything else from sellers: perspective.

What is perspective? Essentially, it’s the combination of mindset, insight and experience that establishes credibility by helping buyers solve some of their most important business challenges. Perspective adds value to the sales process and is quickly becoming a key differentiator for leading sales organizations.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective updates our core methodology, empowering sellers to establish credibility with buyers by providing perspective earlier in the sales process. In parallel, we’ve refreshed the Blue Sheet to incorporate perspective, developed new classroom curriculum and course materials, and connected the methodology to technology by using Scout as a reinforcement tool. Scout will be offered to all sales professionals who complete the Strategic Selling® with Perspective course.

When combined with Scout, the Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology delivers a powerful one-two punch that provides a whole new view of selling.

Learn how Strategic Selling® with Perspective can benefit your sales organization. 

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