Buyers demand more from sellers than ever before—and that’s just as true in manufacturing as it is for other industries. As the process buyers use to make purchase decisions continues to evolve, manufacturers need to change how they find and engage with the right buying influences. With an average of six or more decision-makers in each deal, sellers must then be able to speak intelligently to each of their unique needs.

To do so, your sellers need to sell with perspective, meaning differentiating solutions and sharing knowledge that helps customers see problems in a different light and making your solution indispensable in achieving their business goals.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective (SSwP) focuses on showing sellers how to simplify complex sales to create a consistent and repeatable sales approach, sharing strategies that sellers can use to connect with buyers earlier in the process and become more than a vendor, building stronger relationships that grow over time.

SSwP also helps sellers change how customers perceive their objectives and empowers them to create solutions together with their clients, earning the right to engage with their buyers earlier in the sales cycle.

Investing in perspective can change your business nearly overnight—like in this case study from one of our manufacturing clients.

How Perspective Helped This Manufacturing Firm Close an At-Risk Deal in 48 Hours

A privately held, global manufacturing firm supplying the HVAC industry took a smaller upsell opportunity for granted—and risked losing it to a competitor, until its sellers took SSwP training in 2018.

The sellers assumed they had a competitive edge with an upsell opportunity available at a major commercial transit hub. They had an existing contract, but struggled to sign the upsell deal. While taking SSwP, they realized that they couldn’t win by making assumptions. Their biggest mistake? For this piece of business, they weren’t connecting to the right stakeholders at the transit hub.

After the course, they immediately identified the most important buying influences for the opportunity and successfully engaged them. Within two days of completing SSwP, the firm closed the $125,000 upsell contract—including opportunities to grow with ongoing maintenance and customer service revenue.

What This Means for Manufacturers Like You

When sellers identify the correct buying influences and provide them unique insights that demonstrate how your solution helps customers achieve their long-term goals, buyers recognize the value in sellers’ expertise. By finding the right stakeholders, rather than making assumptions, the at-risk upsell becomes new revenue.

The methodologies taught in SSwP are not just theory. As shown in this case study, manufacturing sellers can immediately put the approaches they learn into action to quickly win deals and create a scalable, repeatable approach that they can use again and again.

Want more advice on how your manufacturing sales organization can transform its sales? Download our new manufacturing whitepaper, “Reinventing the Machine: Growing Manufacturing Sales in the Time of Tariffs and Globalization.”


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