Artificial intelligence (AI) helps modern sales teams better understand customer needs and sell more effectively. The power of machine learning guides teams to make better and more informed decisions. Sales organizations know the benefits of adopting tools powered by machine learning: on average, they use 10 different sales tech tools, with plans to add four more to their repertoire in the next 12 months.

As AI evolves, the precision of these tools will only sharpen to make sales planning even more effective. The right tools to build sales reduce tedium, giving salespeople back the critical selling time they need. A sales technology stack built on artificial intelligence can free up more time to build relationships. Tools like Scout, which combines CRM data with formal sales methodologies, offer predictive insights into which actions are most likely to move deals forward as well as which deals are the most likely to close.

Pair Artificial Intelligence with Your CRM

More and more businesses choose to adopt sales technology tools that turn their CRM data into actionable insights. By harnessing the power of predictive analytics in concert with proven sales methodologies, tools like Scout analyze the data in a CRM and shows sellers a sequence of strategic moves that lead to more closed-won business.

The problem is that the effectiveness of any sales technology depends on the quality of the data fed into it. Salespeople say they spend 65% of their time on non-selling activities, and they don’t want to spend their time entering data into a system when they could be selling instead. To change this viewpoint, organizations must motivate sellers to change the way they see the CRM—which can be done by cleaning the data in it.

Use Technology and Data to Improve Your Forecast

More than half of the deals that sales organizations forecast to win don’t. In fact, the 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study found that only 33% of sales organizations formalized their approach to forecasting.

Accurate sales forecasts are built on predictive data. Today’s algorithms can now study a variety of data points to assess the health of a sales opportunity; they use data to create informative sales models and meaningful measurements.

Adding a tool like Scout can take your forecasting process to the next level, generating predictive data that helps you assess the health of a sales opportunity.

When you start measuring the outcomes of specific selling activities, you can coach other sellers on how they can follow the lead of your top performers and win more business.

Make Powerful Decisions

CRM platforms are only as effective as the technology you pair them with and the data you feed them. If your data is dirty, outdated or duplicative, it can jeopardize more than just the deal it relates to—it can also damage your long-term ability to close deals. By showing your sales team how your CRM platform can inform your sales strategies and how those strategies boost win rates, you’ll motivate your sellers to share more accurate and complete information in your CRM.

Learn more about how Scout helps sellers identify the actions that change deal outcomes, shorten sales cycles and replicate winning.


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