In an economic landscape full of anxiety and hesitation, sellers must understand what their customers need now and be prepared to navigate unexpected hurdles in the selling process. B2B buyers’ expectations have never been higher, and during this time of crisis, buyers can be especially reluctant to accept new ideas or alternative solutions.

That is, unless sellers bring invaluable perspective to every customer conversation, differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace by giving buyers a deeper understanding of their most pressing issues and the solutions that will drive recovery. Sales organizations can elevate their enterprise sales strategy by adopting a sales methodology designed to improve sellers’ conversational skills. That’s why we’ve developed our diagnostic, the Sales Conversation Metric.

The Sales Conversation Metric evaluates how well your sellers deliver perspective to your customers, compared to the performance of the 1,000 global sales organizations that participated in the 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study.

Among other things, the diagnostic evaluates how well sellers and sales managers in your organization:

  • Use a formal process to engage decision-makers
  • Consistently conduct mutually valuable sales calls
  • Provide clients with insights and perspective
  • Use questioning skills to reveal customer needs
  • Communicate relevant value messages
  • Negotiate for mutually beneficial decisions

By taking this diagnostic, you’ll understand exactly how well your sellers offer perspective to buyers—and we can help you identify the sales training techniques you need to improve their abilities.

Perspective Leads to Better Sales Conversations

It’s harder than ever to wow buyers: nearly twice as many buyers say that sellers merely meet their expectations rather than exceed them (62% vs. 32%).

That’s often because sellers don’t know how to approach buyers in a way that delivers perspective: the content, insights and education that helps buyers improve their decision-making and attain their goals.

Perspective is an incredibly difficult and nuanced skill to master, but it’s essential for sellers to learn how to infuse it into buyer interactions. Our Sales Performance Study shows that adding perspective separates world-class sellers from average sellers. When sellers share perspective with buyers, they’re four times more likely to deepen their relationships and have 12% higher win rates than those who don’t.

What You’ll Learn from the Diagnostic

When you complete the diagnostic, you’ll receive a report that analyzes how your sellers deliver added value and insights to your customers. Use this information to chart a course filled with practical steps designed to teach your sellers how to infuse every selling interaction with perspective.

More valuable customer conversations, stronger alignment between sales and customer service and better coaching all contribute to a stronger sales performance. But it’s hard for sales organizations to know where to start equipping sellers with the skills they need to share perspective with buyers. When you take this diagnostic, you’ll see how your sellers perform by getting assigned one of three results:

  • Rethink Your Perspective: Focus your immediate attention on these areas.
  • Perspective at Par: Keep an eye on these practices to build a strategy to improve your performance and exceed customer expectations.
  • Powerful Perspective: Your organization excels at delivering perspective and insights, with a customer-centric approach to sales conversations.

Five minutes with our Sales Conversation Metric tells you if your sales team provides the perspective that distinguishes your organization from the competition. Take the diagnostic today and start having customer conversations that zero in on what buyers need now and highlight the value of your solutions.


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