Do you know why most sellers lose deals? The reason is simple—there’s a major disconnect between the seller and the buyer, and it’s often in the difference of approach. When you don’t connect to the buyer, you are risking the opportunity for the individual to not make a decision or make one that is not in your favor.

Connecting to buyers and understanding how they make decisions often determines whether sellers meet their quota or not.

It’s important to get a meeting with key executives, but it’s vital to understand how they think and act once you do sit down with them. In a previous blog, we revealed five buyer personas that research uncovered by studying nearly 2,000 executives to better understand how they make decisions. We want to take a deeper dive into each persona to help you be more effective when you talk to executives who have buying power. The first persona is the Charismatic executive.

 The Top Four Characteristics of Charismatic Executives Are:

  1. They want to have understanding of the big picture and high level points—don’t get too far into the weeds.
  2. They want to dominate the meeting, so they will be chatty and ask lots of questions.
  3. They think visually.
  4. They are fact-based, so leave emotion at the door.

So, what should you do with this information?

 Here Are Four Keys to Success when Dealing with Charismatic Executives:

  1. Base your presentation on strong interactions with the customer. Allow them to talk and guide the conversation.
  2. Bring plenty of charts to appeal to their creativity and visual thinking skills.
  3. Load the charts with facts you can back up.
  4. Don’t beat around the bush—talk in headlines and get right to the main points—and stay there.

This is important to know because 25 percent of all executive buyers are Charismatic. Unfortunately, our research shows only four percent of sales presentations are geared toward this buyer. Think how many opportunities you are wasting because you didn’t do your homework on the buyer—and instead of walking away from the meeting with a deal in hand, you leave with a major disconnect. Don’t let this happen to you.

Next week, we’ll discuss the next executive buyer persona—the Thinker.

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