At Miller Heiman Group, we’re committed to offering our customers the most current and cutting-edge resources—which is why we’ve developed the Miller Heiman Group Alumni Portal.

What Is the Alumni Portal?

We created an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly portal for you to find and download resources to support all of the learning initiatives you can take through Miller Heiman Group. Our goal? Creating a simple, cohesive and seamless experience for our customers.

What Kind of Resources Can I Find in the Alumni Portal? 

We have downloadable support materials in a number of languages for 18 of the most popular offerings in our product portfolio. You’ll be able to find handouts and support for what you learned at Miller Heiman Group.

How Can I Access the Alumni Portal? 

Visit our Alumni Portal Accounts page to create your account and you’ll be able to begin exploring the resources we have to offer.

I Can’t Find This One Resource that Really Helped! Where Did It Go? 

We keep the Alumni Portal current and free of outdated resources. If you’re seeking program materials, we recommend you contact us so we can connect you to your account manager.

I Took My Course through a Client Facilitator at My Company. Can I Still Use the Alumni Portal? 

Absolutely! The Alumni Portal is open to anyone who took a Miller Heiman Group training course—whether through their company, at one of our public workshops or on their own time through our self-paced personal additions.

Excellent. How Do I Get Started? 

Just create an account with your alumni email address to get access.

I Have a Suggestion for the Alumni Portal. 

Excellent—we love feedback and we’re always adding new content. Reach out to our support team with ideas.

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