Remember when you walked into a store and you only wanted to buy what everyone else was wearing?  Members Only jackets, Polo shirts, Jams! (You know you remember Jams!) Conformity was the norm and it seemed like everyone was rushing to get the same things.

Today the world is different. On a recent trip a flagship sneaker store in New York City, I can order anything I want, customized to me. Red, white, and blue – check. The colors of my favorite sports team – yep, that too, usually in official colors and fonts. Why would I settle for what everyone else is wearing when I can express my own personal “me” through my individual choices?

In the environment of workplace learning though, it still feels like the “good old days.” For whatever reason, some organizations take their learning and development initiatives right off the shelf because they think it’s the most efficient way for their salesforce and customer service teams to learn. If it is good enough for one, it’s good enough for all, right? They couldn’t be more wrong.

Learning should be personal. In fact, learning MUST be personal for today’s learner.

An integrated learning experience (ILE) is a solution that can turn your training into personalized learning. It’s a unique platform that easily integrates all content and intellectual property. An effective ILE provides self-paced learning, so employees can spend the time they need on specific skills or methodologies before moving on to the next topic; social learning, to gain the added wisdom and knowledge of peers; and gamification, which heightens engagement.

This form of modality provides a learner-directed experience that is accessible from mobile devices, and includes opportunities for practice and collaboration with peers. An ILE should be optimized to solve your most pressing business and performance challenges and not just serve as an academic warehouse to store content.

Integrated learning is built around short, micro-learning videos that present information quickly and delivers just-in-time learning throughout the experience. The experience is also interactive, so you can learn via live polls from colleagues who are going through similar situations and struggles.

An ILE can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be blended with instructor-led training and/or digital learning to provide a tailored solution that best serves your learners.

After all, you don’t want to be saddled with a one-size-fits-all learning initiative. Chances are, it won’t perfectly fit a single member of your sales or service teams, and you’ll have wasted valuable resources on a training solution that flat out isn’t effective.

To learn more about an integrated learning experience, see Miller Heiman Group’s Learner Ready solutions or listen to a replay of a webinar on The Sales and Service Training Shift.

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