CRM technology was never designed to help sales representatives sell more. Most sellers view their CRM as an administrative burden, not a resource to help them close deals.

Companies of all sizes are implementing CRMs earlier and earlier, in fact Salesforce recently increased its revenue by 26%. The increase in CRM adoption is attributed to organizations using their technology stack to help them improve their win rates.

To meet the challenges of today’s marketplace, sales teams need more than a CRM. They need analytics-powered technology like Scout, which reinforces your organization’s sales methodology and shows sellers the specific actions required to win more opportunities and close deals faster.

Today’s CRMs capture insights that relate to—and create incentives around—the underlying key factor that drives better sales results: seller behavior.

Pair Your CRM with Your Methodology to Boost Your Performance

An established methodology equips sellers with the proper framework to know how to attack sales, including guidance around when to take specific actions and why. But 81% of organizations lack a dynamic sales methodology program that encourages the right behavior and process that helps sellers close the deal.

World-class organizations pair their sales methodology with their CRM, which allows them to extract key insights into buyer-influence patterns, competitive positioning and the chances of success with different behaviors.

By combining methodology and technology, organizations give sellers what they really need to succeed at their jobs: forward-looking insights that guide them through the sales methodology and offer specific actions they can take to improve the odds of success.

Start Closing More Deals with Scout

Scout provides actionable data to sales teams, helping them manage complex sales opportunities involving multiple decision-makers. It gives sellers real-time access to a repeatable, consistent and scalable framework for improving sales performance.

Scout solves many CRM pain points including:

  • Supporting sales methodology: Powered by Strategic Selling® with Perspective, Scout gives sales representatives a cloud-based, mobile-first tool that helps them apply your organization’s methodology in a more relevant and actionable way.
  • Capturing events and interactions that have already occurred: Scout provides in-the-moment, data-based insights that prompt sellers to act on their training and suggests specific actions they can take to improve the likelihood of a sale.
  • Allowing sellers to focus on selling: Scout transforms sellers’ view of sales technology by helping sellers prioritize deals, manage their time and plan daily activities.

Sellers aren’t the only ones who benefit, Scout helps sales managers improve methodology adoption on their teams and provide actionable coaching advice to sellers. Likewise, Scout enables sales executives to understand the ROI on methodology adoption and makes it easier to replicate winning behaviors across the entire sales force.

Learn how Scout by Miller Heiman Group connects methodology and technology to drive seller actions, change deal outcomes and replicate winning.

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