Our Move the Deal podcast has officially launched! Hosted by sales leader Greg Moore, our first episode features the CEO of Miller Heiman Group, Byron Matthews. The two discuss the evolution and new era of CRMs, and how it has resulted in a sales shift.

Today, many organizations struggle to get sellers to use their CRM. Matthews states, No seller has ever said, “My CRM helped me close that deal.” Why is that though? Because CRMs weren’t built for the seller, they were built for the operations and sales leaders.

Turning a data repository into a tool that helps you win more deals

Oftentimes, sellers see CRMs as data repositories that helps them report progress to executives, not as a tool that helps prioritize deals. Technology has caused a disruption to CRMs, and has been a driving force into why organizations are making it a bigger priority. Behavior drives seller results. Are they having the right conversations, and asking the right questions? Are they providing value and perspective to their buyers?

What facilitates behavior is methodology, which gives sellers the framework of what do do next in order to move the deal. Technology provides insights based on behaviors so that sellers can be more effective, At Miller Heiman Group, we’ve weaponized our methodology in a CRM tool with Scout, which allows sellers to engage technology in the context of behavior. Matthews shares that pairing of these two is a game changer, and is the next wave of CRMs.

There’s a shift happening within selling

In the past, sellers succeeded by knowing how to navigate situations and ask buyers the right questions. That’s still important today, but sellers need to do more. It’s not just about showing up and informing buyers—they can do that on their own with all the resources available. Sellers need to inspire their buyers. This is done by educating and bringing information to the buyers.

It’s important to have the right talent in place. Within Scout, we use data to better educate sales coaches and leaders on those traits that make sellers successful so they can replicate those behaviors.

The increase of science within sales

Beyond CRM, sales is complicated. Whether it’s figuring out who you should deploy to the field, to who should be a coach and keeping up with industry trends. The shift in sales has caused science to play a larger role within sales. Putting science into sales creates the idea of solution selling, it gives sellers an approach that’s backed by research on how to attack deals, rather just pitching a product.

What you should do next

Matthews leaves the podcast with advice for both the individual sales professional, and sales leaders.

For the sales professional:

  • Be open to change. If you’re asked to embrace something new, buy into it, because it will help you.

 For the sales leader:

  • Sales is complicated and evolving. Understand where your organization is today, and make a roadmap. Standing still will hurt you.

Outline of episode

[1:21] Byron’s thoughts on being the chief executive officer at the largest sales and service performance company, Miller Heiman Group

[2:58] Evolution and the next wave of CRMs

[9:01] Should sales organizations be thinking differently about the talent they need to succeed in the future?

[12:53] Key trends and outputs of science playing a bigger role within sales

[15:21] Byron’s advice to sales professionals who are in the middle of this sales transformation and striving to be a top performer, along with advice to the sales leader who is seeking to transform his or her organization

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