Forty years ago, Strategic Selling® changed the sales industry forever, giving organizations a powerful and proven methodology to win complex deals and create stronger customer relationships. Now, we’re changing the sales industry again by introducing an update to our core methodology to meet the challenges of today’s sales industry.

And this time, it’s all about perspective.

How Strategic Selling® revolutionized sales

In the 1970s, copier giant Xerox had a problem. Faced with the expiration of its patent for dry photocopying, the company needed a way to compete with a horde of emerging competitors. To quash the competition, Xerox developed Professional Selling Skills (PSS), a formal sales methodology the company used to train its own sales reps that was later sold to other organizations (and eventually acquired by Miller Heiman Group).

Xerox’s PSS introduced the concept of a “needs satisfaction” approach to the sales industry. But the real revolution in sales occurred in 1985 when Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman (former IBM sales pros) took the needs satisfaction concept a step further and published the book “Strategic Selling.” The release of “Strategic Selling” introduced the Miller Heiman methodology to the mainstream and revolutionized the way we sell.

Based on the core belief that selling success hinges on the concept of “win-win,” Strategic Selling® displaced manipulative sales techniques and the “get the order” mentality. It equipped sales teams with a proven and formal methodology for tackling complex sales opportunities and systematically managing each step of the process.

Strategic Selling pioneered solution selling as we know it today.

The next stage in the evolution of Strategic Selling® is here

At Miller Heiman Group, we’re proud that Strategic Selling® – our core sales methodology – has stood the test of time and continues to play a fundamental role in sales organizations around the world. But we also know that the current marketplace is a different climate than the one Miller and Heiman navigated four decades ago.

Today’s customers expect more from sellers. They want sales reps who are: capable of bringing additional perspectives to the sales process; experts at diagnosing the customer’s stated objective; and able to offer insights that challenge the customer to think in new ways. They want sellers to add value.

In response, Miller Heiman Group is once again changing sales to help organizations stay ahead of the game.

Miller Heiman Group has now released a major update to our core sales methodology called Strategic Selling® with Perspective. What’s perspective? It’s an expert combination of mindset, insight and experience that establishes credibility with buyers, engages with higher-level decision-makers, and better aligns with a customer’s business objectives. It requires sellers to think and behave in a new way.

Grounded in the same foundational approach that has guided the sales industry since 1985, Strategic Selling® with Perspective offers several improvements and enhancements:

  • An updated, perspective-based methodology – We’ll help you win more complex deals by bringing perspective into the sales process, enabling your team to focus on the insight-driven and value-added selling that customers need.
  • Blue Sheet facelift – In addition to improving our core methodology, we’re also giving the Blue Sheet a facelift for the modern buyer. Now, our Blue Sheet will incorporate Perspective, among other changes that align training with execution.
  • Innovative technology – Don’t worry, our iconic Blue Sheet isn’t going anywhere. But, we’re transforming it into a digital and mobile tool that makes it easier for your sales team to put their training into action. Using data and predictive analytics, Scout by Miller Heiman Group reinforces the methodology, equipping your sales team with an “in the moment” tool to drive seller actions, change deal outcomes and replicate winning in your organization.
  • An improved classroom experience – Our redesigned, two-day Strategic Selling® with Perspective workshop meets the needs of today’s learners by reducing the gap between learning and doing. Participants now have the opportunity to apply what they learn before they leave the classroom.

Sales is a dynamic industry and change is inevitable. At Miller Heiman Group, we’re building on the success of the Strategic Selling® methodology to help you change with the industry and adapt to the needs of today’s customers. We believe Strategic Selling® with Perspective will define the next generation of selling models, just like the original did 40 years ago.

To learn more, visit our Strategic Selling® with Perspective web page or contact us today.

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