In the sales industry, few resources are more iconic than Miller Heiman Group’s Blue Sheet. A staple in sales organizations across the world for decades, the Blue Sheet brings structure to the sales process, aligning strategies for winning complex deals with our highly successful Strategic Selling® methodology.

The sales industry has changed a lot since Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman launched Strategic Selling® in 1978. But the Blue Sheet has remained a constant, a tool relied upon by generations of sellers because it works no matter how complicated sales gets.

Now, the Blue Sheet is getting a facelift to help sellers meet the growing expectations of today’s empowered buyers and address the technology needs of today’s sales organizations. It’s getting a major upgrade that will synchronize the Blue Sheet with our updated core sales methodology, Strategic Selling® with Perspective, and the release of our new cloud-based sales analytics platform, Scout by Miller Heiman Group. These changes will ensure the Blue Sheet will remain relevant for decades to come.

The Blue Sheet changed the way we sell

Ever wonder why we call it the Blue Sheet? According to company legend, when Bob Miller assembled the first batch of documents to accompany the Strategic Selling® framework, the printer ran out of 11 x 17 white paper. Rather than wait for new stock to arrive, Bob settled on blue paper, giving birth to the Blue Sheet we know and love.

Although we can’t imagine it any other color, Bob’s choice of paper had little to do with the Blue Sheet’s success. When Miller Heiman introduced the Blue Sheet in 1978, it revolutionized the sales industry because it gave sellers a practical and consistent framework for applying the innovative Strategic Selling® methodology.

Before the Blue Sheet, sellers relied on instinct to navigate the sales process, using a series of best guesses to identify influencers, competitors, actions and other details that impacted the outcomes of high-value opportunities. The Blue Sheet gave sellers a formal strategic analysis tool for approaching those opportunities. Better yet, it aligned sellers’ activities with methodology, improving sales organizations’ ability to consistently manage and win complex deals.

As more companies realized the benefits of the Strategic Selling® methodology, adoption of the Blue Sheet skyrocketed, establishing it as a fixture in high-performing sales organizations around the world.

A new Blue Sheet for a changing marketplace
To meet the needs of today’s sellers, we’ve updated and integrated the Blue Sheet with Scout by Miller Heiman Group, our new cloud-based sales analytics platform. Scout turns the Blue Sheet into a digital, mobile-first tool that motivates sellers to adopt the new Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology and improves sale outcomes by helping sellers put their training into action.

With an increased focus on structured action planning to bring perspective to buying influences, the integration of the Blue Sheet with Scout gives sellers a tried-and-true tool in a format that aligns more closely with their preferred technology workflows.

Additionally, Scout improves both Blue Sheet adoption rates and data quality for the organization. Ultimately, Scout presents sellers with an opportunity to use sales technology for better sales outcomes – unlike CRM, which is often viewed as an administrative burden rather than a useful selling resource.

New features and updates to the Blue Sheet include:

  • Customer’s Stated Objective: The Blue Sheet now facilitates the capture of the high-level objectives of the customer organization.
  • Evaluation of Objective: To more clearly define required actions, the Blue Sheet clearly identifies the effects, implications and benefits of meeting or not meeting the customer’s stated objective.
  • Opportunity Scorecard: An easy-to-use feature that identifies the criteria for determining the likelihood of winning and the strategic actions sellers need to take.
  • Competitive Preference (by Buying Influence): We’ve added a section to define preference by buying influence, instead of by company.
  • Providing Perspective to Whom: The Blue Sheet now enables sellers to effectively incorporate perspective into sales relationships.
  • Win-Results: A dotted line drawn down the heart of the Blue Sheet that creates a better understanding of how business results and personal wins are linked.

At Miller Heiman Group, we wouldn’t want to live in a world without the Blue Sheet. Combined with updates, the integration with Scout represents a seismic shift in the way sales teams can access the Blue Sheet, creating a wide range of new opportunities. But at the heart of it all, you’ll find the same Blue Sheet that leading sales organizations have loved and relied on for years.

Ready for more? Take a demo of Scout by Miller Heiman Group and explore the updated Strategic Selling® with Perspective to learn how your organization can benefit from the latest innovations at Miller Heiman Group.

Contact us to learn more.

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