All companies face big challenges when it comes to learning. In fact, more than 65 percent of organizations today have trouble in developing and delivering effective learning across their workforces. And with the market constantly changing, you can’t afford to be left behind. And you can’t afford to invest in training that doesn’t pay off.

For sales organizations seeking to invest in training for their sales teams, you first have to be aware of the top challenges that pose a roadblock to learning—and then understand how to shift your thinking to change your approach. So without further delay, let’s take a look at the top five learning challenges sales organizations encounter today and what you can do to meet these challenges head on:

  1. Five Generations in the Workforce

It should come as no surprise that there are more generations in the workforce than ever before. From Traditionalists and Baby Boomers to Generation X, Millennials and the new iGeneration, each generation brings with it a unique set of values and preferences for learning that makes it difficult to cater to everyone across your organization. Some individuals prefer instructor-led, some want bite-size chunks they can consume on their own time. Others prefer an anywhere, anytime approach. This means you need learning that’s delivered in different ways and is flexible enough to meet the needs of each generation.

2. The Tradeoff Between Learning and Selling

When we think of workplace learning, it typically comes with a stigma attached—that any new training must take us away from our day jobs and away from opportunities to sell. So for sales leaders, they are left with a tough decision. Do you take your sellers out of the field for training and risk losing selling opportunities? Or forgo training and risk losing expertise? But what if there was a learning approach that focused on real-world prospects and extended selling opportunities. That type of learning approach would take away the inherent conflict between learning and selling.

3. Logistical Headaches

The structure of organizations today makes delivering learning extremely complicated. To implement learning that meets the needs of your team, your company and your culture, you have to consider everything from global implementation and rollout, to travel budgets to classroom logistics and remote workers. And that leaves no shortage of factors to consider. What you need is a cutting-edge learning experience that gives you flexibility and access to all types of learning.

4. Maximizing Retention

There’s more bad news when it comes to learning across organizations. Even if you have great content, there’s a big chance your training will be forgotten by your sellers. Research shows that within one hour, people forget an average of 50 percent of information just presented. Within 24 hours, it’s 70 percent. And one week, 90 percent. So how do you solve this? The answer is by delivering learning that reinforces best practices by tying learning to real life.

5. Creating Separate Roads of Learning

Learning shouldn’t be a separate initiative for your sales teams. If it is, then it will often get overlooked and unapplied in your sales pursuits. When sellers can’t apply what they learn, then you are disconnecting your training approach, which puts your company and your sales people at a big disadvantage. Instead, to make your learning approach more effective, you should embed your training into your IP and integrate it into the same journey for your sales organization.

You Need Anytime, Anywhere Learning

While each of these learning challenges is commonplace across corporate settings today, it’s up to you and your organization to get a grasp on how to change your thinking. And it starts by understanding how these challenges are undermining your learning initiatives. Then, it takes the realization that you need a new way to deliver proven learning. Because if you don’t, you may get left behind in a fast-paced constantly changing sales landscape.

To ensure your learning investment pays off, discover the six ways you should shift your sales and service training approach by downloading our New White Paper or by listening to a replay of The Sales and Service Training Shift.

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