If you keep up with us, you’ve likely seen some buzz about our new and innovative Integrated Learning Platform.  As with any new product, time and energy were spent on perfecting the offering – much of which was spent researching the challenges modern learners face today (like these and these).

The more we researched the more we were certain that flexible, adaptable learning was the next big step in sales and service training – but as many raced to create such an offering, what were they missing? Our proven IP. Now, you can learn the tried and true skills that have built successful salespeople and service professionals for ages, in a cutting-edge way. Self-paced, gamified, social learning that you can consume on your commute, relaxing on the beach, or while getting ready for bed.

But, research doesn’t stop once the product has been created. We want to continue to hear your feedback and understand the needs and preferences of the modern learner. That’s why for the last 3 weeks we’ve been running polls on our website and Twitter account asking YOU about your learning needs, and the results have shined a light on what challenges learners face today.

Want to know what the preferences are of fellow learners? Let’s look at the trends across our poll respondents.

Poll 1: What’s your biggest learning challenge?

The results of this poll differed between our website and Twitter audiences, but you can see there are two clear winners. “Not enough time” and “Forget soon after” came in first and second in both polls, and it’s no surprise why.

Finding time for training when it requires full days out of the office or hour-long commitments is stressful and, for most of us, unrealistic. That’s why Integrated Learning solutions are created to offer learnings in bite-sized chunks that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. You can commit 10, 15, 30 minutes at a time to training, then walk away to attend to your other tasks.

Forgetting what you’ve learned is a prolific problem, not only in sales training, but from Elementary school on. Without proper reinforcement tools in place you are certain to forget nearly all that you’ve learned over time. Don’t believe us? Check out the stat’s in our recent blog post about the importance of reinforcement.

Poll 2: How often do you dedicate time to learning and self-development – whether that’s reading, taking a class, group learning, or another learning method?

We’ve uncovered an essential challenge, so now we want to discover how often you are enagaging with the learning tools and resources you have.

The result: 50 percent said they dedicate time to learning once a month.

When we look at this result, we feel encouraged about the future of learning.

Despite dealing with oftentimes clunky, time-consuming learning tools, learners are still motivated to carve out time to learn. Now imagine how often you would dedicate time to learning if you had a tool that allowed you to learn information tailored to your specific job role and at a pace you were comfortable with. Enter Integrated Learning.

Disagree with these results? Or wish you could have participated in our polls? It’s not too late. We will continue asking you for your feedback on Twitter and on our Website – so check in every week and be sure your opinion is heard!

Stay tuned for more poll responses to continue gaining insight into what’s trending in the market across various topics. Our next poll topic: Sales Enablement.

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