Recently, as I was listening to Billy Joel through my headphones during a cross-country flight, I started thinking about how much time he must have spent practicing the piano throughout his lifetime in order to become “The Piano Man.” Real talent requires hard work, discipline and dedication if you want to make it big.

When pianists learn to play, one of the first things they’re taught is how to correctly position their hands and wrists. This allows students to build muscle memory in their hands, which in turn allows them to play more complex notes. This is a practice students undergo daily so eventually muscle memory takes over to the point where they can hardly play unless they are positioned just right.

Amazingly, medical studies suggest pianists’ brains actually change as they improve. Their brain stops being right or left dominant as it learns to manage a great deal of information at once and sends it to their hands. A pianists’ brain modifies itself to become a mechanism for musical delivery and overwrites a completely normal human characteristic of being right- or left-hand dominant.

Play it Again, Sellers

When you think about it, a sales professional is a lot like a pianist. And sales professionals who are aware of this can drive greater success. Hear me out.

Sales professionals need a framework for how to run a deal, how to effectively position all the working parts and, ultimately, how to close it. Sales leaders who insist their teams use a framework – or methodology – provide sellers with a path toward success. Miller Heiman Group provides the methodology to teach sales professionals the skills they need to be successful, and we believe it’s the best on the market. We’re like the piano teacher who drives students to succeed.

By implementing a proven methodology and building in reinforcement activities, sales leaders can teach their sellers the skills they need and develop the muscle memory they need to close deals. Over time, this can even shape the brains of sales professionals to the point where they are often unable to discuss a deal without focusing on Blue Sheets, decision makers, red flags and coaches. Sales professionals know these tools help them meet quota and drive revenue. It’s that simple.

The Emotional and Rational Side of Selling

I experienced this firsthand when I was running my own sales team. As a sales leader (who also happens to play the piano), I realized it is important you’re aware of this shift between right- and left-brain thinking because sellers must not only master the emotional side of selling but also the rational side.

As a sales leader, it is vital that you instill to teach “muscle memory for sales” that, much like a piano player, feeds both sides of the brain because it’s proven to be successful.

If you would like to learn more about how you can fine-tune the skills of your sales team, make sure you check out the Be Ready solutions for sales and service professionals. Trust me — they will be music to your ears.

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