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Miller Heiman Group appoints women in CMO, CRO and CPO roles to lead the business into a new age of sales and service

CHICAGO, January 23, 2018 ‒ Miller Heiman Group, a global leader in the field of business performance solutions, has appointed three female executives to the company’s C-suite to spearhead the business into the new age of sales and service.

The new leaders are key elements in Miller Heiman Group’s aggressive transformation plans for 2018 and beyond. To accelerate the company’s technology offerings and bolster its ability to help businesses build world-class sales and service organizations, these executives have set out to reinvent Miller Heiman Group’s sales methodology and its iconic Blue Sheet for the digital age within the next six months.

Aimee Schuster

Aimee Schuster

Earlier this month, Aimee Schuster joined Miller Heiman Group as chief marketing officer (CMO) to build and lead Miller Heiman Group’s next-generation marketing program. Schuster brings

two decades of proven marketing experience, with the last 10 years working in Chicago’s technology scene. Most recently, Schuster held marketing leadership positions at Yello and, among others. Schuster is the co-chair of the Illinois Technology Associations’ Women Influence Chicago initiative.

“It’s truly an exciting time to be part of this organization,” said Schuster. “It’s clear that Miller Heiman Group is forging a new path for modern sales and service, and the company understands this requires breaking the glass ceiling at every touch point. The organization is empowering women to lead the charge and redefine the business, while many in the industry rest on their traditional laurels.”

Allen Mueller

Allen Mueller

Because women make up 49 percent of the sales workforce, it may appear on paper that there isn’t a gender gap in the industry; however, this same parity isn’t seen in leadership positions. Research shows that as salespeople ascend in seniority, the percentage of women decreases. In fact, only about 1 in 5 women in sales holds a title of vice president or higher.

In addition to Schuster, Miller Heiman Group’s C-suite also gained executives Allen Mueller, as chief revenue officer (CRO), and Dana Hamerschlag, as chief product officer (CPO).

After a successful tenure as former executive director, North America, Mueller was elevated to CRO in December 2017 to lead Miller Heiman Group’s global growth strategy. Hired in March 2017, Hamerschlag leads the global product strategy and roadmap; is driving an agile development approach with a sharp focus on responding to market feedback;
and is building innovative cloud-based analytics that ignite the power of the company’s training and coaching programs. All three women join 17-year company veteran Seleste Lunsford, managing director of Miller Heiman Group’s research arm, CSO Insights, with the mission to bridge the gap between women and sales leadership.

Dana Hamerschlag

Dana Hamerschlag

“For businesses to succeed in competitive global markets, they need the best talent, full stop,” said Hamerschlag. “Cultivating a company culture of diversity and inclusiveness is important so that all employees, including women, see their contributions valued and see a variety of paths to success. Data clearly shows that diverse teams perform better, and we are investing in a corporate culture that aligns to support our ambitious business goals.”

“Miller Heiman Group is evolving. We’re evolving the traditional sales methodology, we’re evolving the way technology is used in the industry, and we’re evolving the leadership at the helm of these critical decisions,” said Byron Matthews, president and CEO of Miller Heiman Group. “Elevating women into executive roles isn’t about checking boxes for diversity, nor is it an initiative. It’s about creating a stronger, more competitive business today and driving innovation for the future of the sales industry tomorrow.”

Seleste Lunsford

Seleste Lunsford

Organizations that forge career paths for women in sales aren’t just doing the fair thing for women, but the smart thing for business. In fact, gender-diverse companies are 15 percent more likely to financially outperform peers in their industry.

“The sales industry has traditionally been, and still is, male-dominated; however, organizations that fail to include women in leadership won’t be able to sustain innovation long-term,” said Mueller. “As cultural shifts continue to impact our business, it’s critical for organizations to diversify their C-suites to bring in different perspectives. I’m excited to be part of an organization that is driving this initiative forward, and enthralled to see what’s in store for Miller Heiman Group with four female leaders at the helm.”


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