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What Is Sales Technology?
Overview of the Sales Technology Landscape
The Benefits of Sales Technology Tools
How to Select a Sales Technology Platform
Sales Technology FAQ
Getting Started with Sales Technology

What Is Sales Technology?

World-class sales technology changes seller behavior and generates measurable revenue improvement for sales organizations. In the same way that other technologies are transforming the modern workplace, the right sales technology disrupts outdated selling routines and enables sellers to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

There are many different types of technologies at play in today’s sales industry. But unlike other solutions, sales technology directly impacts selling activities. Authentic sales technology improves sellers’ ability to win deals, and empowers managers and sales leaders to more effectively coach and manage their sales force.

Increasingly, sales organizations recognize that technology can’t exist in isolation. Advanced sales technologies integrate with the sales process and strengthen the organization’s sales framework by incentivizing sellers to use technology in their daily routines.

Additionally, the availability of large amounts of data is driving the adoption of sales analytics platforms that deliver actionable insights to sales teams. By leveraging the power of data, leading sales organizations can identify specific actions that increase the likelihood of a sale and replicate winning behaviors across the sales force.

Overview of the Sales Technology Landscape

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion of solutions in the sales technology landscape as more and more sales organizations look to technology as a way to achieve meaningful revenue gains.

But in many cases, these technologies aren’t moving the needle on win rates because they detract from actual selling activities. In fact, some technologies – including platforms that sales organizations have relied on for years – are seen as administrative burdens rather than useful tools for sellers.

Designed to help management teams gain visibility to pipeline revenue and other data, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are often implemented as the organization’s primary sales technology. But while sales organizations are buying CRM platforms in record numbers, less than half of sales teams (46%) report widespread use of the technology, according to the 2018 Sales Operations Optimization Study from CSO Insights.

So, organizations are investing in CRM, but most sellers aren’t using it to improve win rates. Why? Because sellers view CRM as a distraction that takes time away from selling activities. Additionally, CRM offers sellers little value because it provides a system of record instead of the forward-looking insights and guidance sellers need to do their jobs more effectively.

That’s why sales organizations are turning to sales analytics platforms. Leveraging predictive analytics, advanced sales analytics technology offers specific guidance about how to increase the likelihood of a sale – the kind of insights sellers need to improve win rates and consistently perform at a high level.

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The Benefits of Sales Technology Tools

Today’s sales organizations know that CRM alone doesn’t equip sales teams with the tools they need to win deals and rapidly adapt to changing buyer needs.

As a result, sales leaders and IT teams are developing tech stacks that include additional sales technologies. Specifically, sales organizations are prioritizing the use of predictive analytics and the adoption of sales analytics platforms that deliver several important benefits to the sales team:

  • Support for sales methodology. Better sales performance requires new selling behaviors – and methodology is the determining factor in high-performing behavior. Innovative sales analytics platforms increase the adoption of the organization’s sales methodology by more closely connecting methodology to selling activities.
  • The ability to drives seller actions. The last thing sellers need is more information. They want data-driven insights they can use to inform their selling activities. Sales analytics platforms provide sellers with suggestions for specific actions they can take to improve deal outcomes, enabling leaders to replicate winning behaviors across the sales force.
  • Real value for sales teams. Sales technology is only valuable to the organization if sales teams use it. Advanced sales analytics platforms increase adoption rates because sales teams view the technology as a necessary resource for selling activities rather than an administrative burden.

How to Select a Sales Technology Platform

The selection of a sales technology provider is a major decision for your sales organization. With the right partner and the right technology, a sales technology platform can play an important role in improving win rates and creating long-term relationships with key accounts.

But given the number of technologies available in today’s marketplace, it’s important to choose wisely and make your decision based on several factors. First and foremost, the provider you select should have a proven background in the sales industry. Similarly, they need to understand the needs of buyers and sellers. Without solid sales expertise, it’s unlikely that your sales team will receive the value it expects from the technology.

Your sales technology platform should also support your organization’s sales methodology. For example, Scout by Miller Heiman Group, our sales analytics platform, is grounded in Strategic Selling® with Perspective – our core sales methodology.

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Sales Technology FAQ

Does my organization need sales technology?

Win rates are down across the sales industry and selling isn’t getting any easier. To compete in today’s global business environment, every sales organization needs a first-class sales analytics platform combined with a proven sales methodology.

What benefits can I expect to receive from sales technology?

The right sales technology can significantly improve win rates, increase deal size and reduce the amount of time it takes to close sales. But, not all technologies are the same. The best sales technologies feature predictive analytics and offer mobile-first, real-time access for sellers and managers.

Doesn’t CRM offer all the technology my sales team needs?

No. CRM is designed to provide pipeline and data visibility to company leaders. It’s a system of record that offers no real value to sellers because it doesn’t provide the specific, data-based insights they need to move the needle on deals.

Can I implement sales technology without a sales methodology?

The most effective sales technologies combine analytics with a core sales methodology. The connection to methodology is essential because it provides a framework for identifying and replicating winning behaviors across your sales organization.

What type of sales technology do I need?

In today’s marketplace, there are plenty of solutions marketing themselves as “sales technology.” But most fail to improve win rates because they don’t guide seller behavior. Sales analytics platforms, on the other hand, are highly effective in improving win rates because they suggest specific, data-driven actions sellers can take to improve the likelihood of a sale.

Getting Started with Sales Technology

A first-class sales analytics platform can be instrumental for improving win rates, increasing deal size and reducing close times. With predictive analytics, your sales teams gain access to the data-based insights and specific actions it takes to make the sale.

Scout by Miller Heiman Group enables sellers to put their training into action by helping them “See the Move that Moves the Deal.” By combining our time-tested core sales methodology, Strategic Selling® with Perspective, with the world’s most powerful analytics-driven sales technology, we’ve created sales technology that allows you to multiply winning patterns across your organization.

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