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Poor customer service is costly: many customers stop doing business with a company if they have a single poor experience. Customers who have great experiences tend to stay with the vendor longer and buy more over time than customers who have mediocre or poor experiences. And when companies have to attract new customers to make up for lost business, it costs them 5x more than it does to keep an existing customer.

Customer experience is the sum of every interaction that customers have—and it comes down to how an organization’s front-line employees treat them. The customer service experience is a key differentiator and plays a major role when it comes to maintaining customer loyalty.

Get immediate steps your team can take in order to have the right conversations: questions to ask, what to listen for, responses to give with the “Deliver Unwelcome News” chat:

  • Develop your teams to deliver peace of mind to your customers and address issues with empathy
  • Improve techniques to defuse customer tension
  • Prepare for commonly encountered challenging customer situations

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