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Sellers face more disruption than ever before: ballooning buyer expectations; an increasing number of stakeholders in the buying process; and fundamental shifts in workforces and technology. To evolve selling as a profession, we need to bring more science to the art of selling.

Miller Heiman Group, the world leader in sales transformation and LinkedIn, the world’s largest repository of professional information and data, show sellers how to build strong relationships with customers and win more business by combining the power of sales methodology with data discovery tools.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add perspective to your sales organization by:

  • Finding and identifying the most important buying roles in every complex sale
  • Uncovering buyer needs in every conversation and meeting with a prospect
  • Using LinkedIn Navigator to target the right buyers, understand what they value and engage them with personalized research

With the actionable advice in this guide, sellers will see how to deepen customer connections and achieve higher win rates by combining a repeatable, scalable and proven sales methodology with modern selling tools.