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CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, has conducted its fourth annual sales enablement study, with more than 500 participants from all over the world.

Having an effective enablement function matters: Overall, it leads to two-digit improvements for quota attainment and win rates for forecast deals compared to those organizations without enablement. More organizations than ever have sales enablement teams and functions. However, only one-third of those sales enablement teams achieve significantly better results. Yes, sales enablement grows up, but not always fast enough.

“Sales Enablement Grows Up: The 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study” provides enablement leaders with data and practices to drive the effectiveness of their enablement practice, covering all facets of the sales enablement clarity model.

Key findings reveal the need to:

  • Formalize your approach: Start with a sales enablement business plan (charter) aligned to the business strategy. Those who do have 19.2% higher win rates.
  • Move beyond training: Provide all content salespeople need in a single system. Having a content strategy matters a lot, and leads to a +12.2 point better win rate. And coaching matters – when it’s set up the right way, it can improve win rates by 16.6%.
  • Scale up the sales enablement team:
    Put replicable enablement processes in place, and orchestrate enablement activities cross-functionally to establish a foundation for more focus and better performance.

To learn more about sales enablement strategy and its impact on your results, download the 2018 Sales Enablement Study Summary Report today.