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When: Wednesday, April 29, 11 a.m. EDT

Perspective has always set truly valuable sellers apart from the standard—and offering clients and prospects expertise and insights that reframe their thinking has never been more valued than now, in this crisis. How can sellers recalibrate their use of perspective to connect with buyers virtually and move opportunities forward?

In this webinar, expert sales advisors Steve Cadley, Pascale Hall and Susan Mahoney inspire frontline sellers and their sales managers to rethink how they engage prospects, customers and peers, creating sustainable differentiation from competitors as the sales landscape shifts seemingly by the minute.

Webinar attendees can expect to:

  • Build an empathetic approach to customer interactions and prospecting
  • Learn actionable steps to research the current needs of clients and prospects to help them realize unrecognized problems, unforeseen opportunities or unanticipated solutions
  • Create a framework for productivity amid chaos, while understanding evolving needs of buyers struggling through the same chaos

The world has changed dramatically in just a few months, and approaches that worked last quarter already seem quaint. This webinar shows you how to use perspective to rethink how you capture the attention of buyers and provide them the sorely needed value they currently lack.

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