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A sales methodology equips organizations with additional details to the sales process, describing exactly “what” to do and “why” to do it for each step. A sales methodology shows how to connect the sales process to the customer’s path.  With a proper sales methodology training in place, salespeople better understand their customer, know what to do at every level during the sales cycle and ultimately achieve better results.

Methodology is not a one-time event—instead, it’s just the framework that should always be reinforced through regular sales coaching.

The 2019 Business Case for Sales Methodology Training from CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, explores the current state of sales methodology maturity and training, and why having both in place are vital for sellers.

Key findings include:

  • Only 20.6% of organizations leverage the huge performance potential of a dynamic sales methodology and improve their quota attainment by 8.3%.
  • Only 20.7% of organizations have methodology training services that exceed expectations, but only those achieve 15.4% better win rates.
  • Pay attention to three Critical Success Factors: Communicate your why story, integrate your sales methodology with your selling processes, and don’t forget to drive adoption with a related sales coaching strategy.

Uncover how your business can implement a sales methodology training and boost seller performance by downloading the 2019 Business Case for Sales Methodology Training today.