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As face-to-face interaction becomes limited to essential activities, time has become the most precious resource that we have—and for sellers and sales managers, that means quickly qualifying opportunities while interacting with customers on video, phone or other virtual platforms.

In this webinar, expert sales advisors Rob West and Kathy Nelson will show attendees how to spend their precious time during virtual customer interactions to focus on opportunities worth pursuing and create action plans to move those opportunities forward.

Webinar attendees can expect to learn:

    • Criteria to help them quickly identify the best opportunities
    • Questions worth asking customers and prospects on every opportunity, every time, no matter your product or service
    • Coaching strategies to lead teams to the most impactful sales activities
    • Perspective on Strategic and Efficient Opportunity Qualification

By taking an objective approach to evaluating opportunities, webinar attendees will learn timely, relevant and practical strategies to increase efficiency and focus their time on only those opportunities likely to bear fruit.

Watch the webinar now.