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Making the pain worth the gain in sales enablement

Sales enablement is a critical role in organizations today—growing at a staggering 69 percent over the last few years. But two-thirds of companies have failed to achieve success. This failure is due in part from the lack of a clear definition, strategy and focus—and partly from failing to follow best practices. To make it more effective, you must overcome common problems that derail successful sales enablement and learn how to place the customer at the center of your efforts.


Statistics for average performing sales organizations prove you don’t want to be average.



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Source: CSO Insights

Miller Heiman Group CMO, Tim Geisert, explains how our Sales Ready offering works to improve sales behavior within your organization.

The solutions you need, no matter what your need.

We’ve combined the best offerings from Miller Heiman, Huthwaite, AchieveGlobal, Impact Learning Systems, CSO Insights and Channel Enablers for any challenge you may have — from overcoming specific challenges to completely transforming your sales and service organization. Our Sales Ready solution empowers you to Be Ready for every conversation, every phone call and every opportunity. Our approach is unique. No one else does what we do, because no one can.

Putting the customer at the core of everything we do.

For a business to be truly customer-centric, it must have the framework, process and skills to make every customer interaction a success. At the closest point to the customer, you must manage relationships and the opportunities those relationships provide. You must also create more opportunities based on the customer’s needs.

Surrounding your customer relationships and opportunities, your success depends on having the right organizational structure, tools and management to execute your strategy and support the customer experience.

Miller Heiman Group is uniquely positioned to design the capabilities required for you to put the customer at the heart of everything you do.

A smarter approach to sales performance.

SPIN® Selling Conversations. Conceptual Selling®. Strategic Selling®. Professional Selling Skills®. Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP)®. By bringing them together, we’ve built the most innovative and proven skill and methodology programs on the market. Designed to help sellers change behaviors and drive selling performance. Solutions within the platform are available in the Learner ReadyTM solution set.

Sales Ready Products

Sales Ready is a collection of the best sales training products ever assembled from a single company. From skills training to large account management to better CRM, these products will enhance your organization’s capabilities to win more customers while maintaining and growing relationships with the customers you already have.


CRM Ready

CRM Ready teaches you to improve visibility, evaluate opportunities, support resource allocation, drive funnel management and much more that’s required for a strong sales foundation.

Improve Your CRM Approach

Conceptual Selling®

Provides you with a customer-focused, collaborative planning process for anyone on your team who interacts with customers. Conceptual Selling sets a framework and methodology for good customer interactions that either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship.

Build Customer Relationships

Large Account Management ProcessSM

Get your key players on the same page and have them focus collaboratively on goals and objectives. LAMP® provides a proven process and structure for sustainable success with key accounts and a customer-focused approach for long-term strategy development.

Grow Stronger Accounts

Professional Selling Skills®

Research-based solutions proven to provide skills to your sales team that will transform them into world-class sales professionals. Professional Selling Skills will get your team geared to deliver high-performance results.

Develop Solid Business Relationships

SPIN® Selling Conversations

Based on a proven approach to deepening sales conversations through advanced questioning skills. The training programs in SPIN Selling provide a comprehensive, structured approach to improving your team’s ability to engage customers with insightful dialogue and plan the best strategy for advancing the sale.

Successfully Engage Customers

Strategic Selling®

Immediately improve your company’s ability to win complex deals with a consistent approach and sales strategy. Strategic Selling provides proven processes and a common language for consistently winning more deals.

Develop Comprehensive Sales Strategies

Buyer-Focused ProspectingTM

If you’re not getting the prospecting results you need, our experiential workshop — Buyer-Focused ProspectingTM — will teach you practical methods for selecting the right targets, as well as planning and executing effective prospecting calls.

Improve Prospecting Results

Executive ImpactSM

Have more effective meetings with executives and align your sales force’s approach to the way they prefer to buy. Executive Impact provides a framework for understanding how C-Level executives make decisions.

Build C-Level Relationships

Funnel ScoreCard®

Make fact-based decisions around resource allocation and time management when it comes to your sales funnel. Funnel Scorecard is a tool that will help you identify the best opportunities to pursue for your organization.

Prioritize Sales Opportunities

Negotiate SuccessSM

Improve your sales force’s ability to reach a win-win outcome with your customers. Negotiate Success will teach you to build trusting relationships with your customers by negotiating with them at every stage of the selling process.

Build Trusting Relationships

Professional Sales CoachingTM

Give your sales managers and coaches the framework, communication skills and planning tools they need. Professional Sales Coaching builds and maintains a team that’s focused on your customers and driven by performance.

Build Superior Sales Teams

Strategic Selling® Funnel Management

Strategic Selling Funnel Management analyzes opportunities within your sales funnel. It then recognizes and prioritizes the key actions both you and your customer need to take to help you move opportunities through the funnel.

Effectively Analyze Sales Opportunities

Delivering Sales Ready for today’s modern learner.

Learners have changed. You need a new approach. There are two challenges, though. First, technology companies don’t have content. Second, old-line companies have intellectual property, but they only deliver it by traditional methods.

Enter Learner Ready — a powerful cloud-based platform that delivers world-class content powered by Intrepid Learning. Our powerful technology offers new learners the flexibility they demand and the leverage to learn how they learn best—in real time with real situations and real opportunities.

To hear more about what Learner Ready can do for you and your team, just click the button below.

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“PR Newswire has certified a total of 640 associates in Miller Heiman Group around the world since kicking off the program in Q4 2010. Our Field Sales created 335 blue sheets in 2015 for opportunities worth an estimated $18.4 million. The expectations here: Become a master of your craft by living and breathing the Miller Heiman Group’s methodology in all aspects of your sales approach.”

—Jamie LaJoie & Randi Venables, PR Newswire

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